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Award-winning students at the BNS Nuclear Science Contest

15 december '22

To promote nuclear research performed by students and junior professionals, SCK CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Society (BNS) and the Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials (ONDRAF/NIRAS) grant awards for the best research work related to nuclear applications and organise a joint award ceremony. On December 15, 2022 we were happy to find out that more SCK CEN was awarded:

Mr. Pieter De Meutter (BNS-YG award in Nuclear Science and its application) for his work on Uncertainty quantification of atmospheric transport and dispersion modelling using ensembles for CTBT verification applications;

Ms. Ferdiana Hoti Krasniqi (3rd place - NIRAS/ONDRAF award on Radioactive Waste Management) for her work on The impact of uncertainty communication on emotional arousal and participation intention: the psychological effects of uncertainties on experts;

Mr. Simon Billiet (1st place - BNS-YG best poster award) for his work on Transient fuel tests in BR-2 with the pressurized water capsule - decomposing gamma-heating and nuclear fission contributions;

Ms. Gamze Colak (2nd place - BNS-YG best poster award) for her work on Infiltration of porous uranium oxide microspheres prepared by internal gelation.



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