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EU-RAP final workshop

Protecting EU citizens from radon: implementation of radon action plans

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20/09/2022 - 21/09/2022

Brussels Airport Conference Centre, Departure building, 4th floor



The EU-RAP project: The overall objective of the EU-RAP project is to independently review and assess in detail the establishment of national radon action plans in EU Member States (MS) and the United Kingdom (UK) according to the requirements laid down in Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom – the BSS Directive – with a particular focus on the practical implementation of the actions defined in these action plans. It will also identify good practices to address the radon related issues together with experts, regulators, local authorities and other stakeholders from EU MS and the UK. Results of the EU-RAP review and evaluation will assist the European Commission (EC) in assessing compliance of the practical implementation of national radon action plans with the requirements of the BSS Directive. For this, a detailed overview on the establishment and contents of the national radon action plans is conducted. In addition, the project will provide EU MS and the UK with practical solutions to address the challenges related to the implementation of radon action plans. A detailed analysis of the practical implementation of the actions defined in each of these action plans is undertaken. In general, results of the EU-RAP project will help EU MS and radiation protection authorities to cope with the implementation of the Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom and learn/share pragmatic and effective actions to reduce the health effects of radon.

Radon action plans were analysed on 2 levels: strategy level and implementation level. For the analysis of national radon action plans, a code book (methodological document) was developed considering the list of items in Annex VIII of the BSS and education and training. A complementary analysis was conducted based on the data extracted from the RAP, a group interview with each MS and 4 regional workshops. The final, interactive workshop will present findings and participants will validate results and identify good practices.

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