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Nuclear dismantling and decontamination

Be ready for what’s next in nuclear


Get across D&D roadblocks in this historical turning point

We are at a historical turning point that will reshape our entire industry and even society as a whole. At least five out of Belgium’s seven nuclear plants are shutting down. Other end-of-life projects, related to cyclotrons, hot cells or laboratories are also planned or ongoing. This can lead you wishing to enter the nuclear (decommissioning) market or needing to shift towards new, unfamiliar practices. Just like many businesses, from large industrials to specialized tech spin-offs, you might also find your way in decommissioning activities. The result? Job creation, technology valorisation and business development. 

Be fully prepared

But the road ahead is long and full of potential obstacles. Large entry barriers, complex legislation, foreign competition, the list goes on. Needless to say, if you are entering or operating within the nuclear industry, you need to be fully prepared before making a move. 

With SCK CEN, you gain an experienced and renowned partner to get you across these roadblocks and enter this new market thoughtfully and safely. 

The biggest challenge in every decommissioning project? Finding the right approach and economical optimum to maximize recycling opportunities and minimize nuclear waste.
Christophe Bruggeman, D&D expert at SCK CEN

SCK CEN guides you towards the next phase in the nuclear industry

Whether you are entering the nuclear decommissioning market or shifting towards D&D activities, you will need to mitigate risks, comply with legislation and attract the right talents. That is quite a lot to handle. And with limited resources, you need efficient processes to get from risk to return.

We are with you on every level, from strategic advice to operational support. While also connecting you with the right research and industry partners to valorise your technology and services.


Strategically seize a singular opportunity in dismantling and decontamination

It is hard to ignore the unprecedented opportunities that the nuclear market presents right now. Many industrial companies have already set course to apply specialized services to decommissioning purposes and expand their business. What is your technical approach? How is your planning coming along? Are you aware of the licensing procedures?

SCK CEN makes this unique knowledge available so you can play your part in the nuclear transition.

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Secure operational support for a safe and cost-efficient decommissioning process

Operating a nuclear facility (reactor, accelerator, cyclotron, laboratory,…) is one thing, shutting one down is quite another. Even if you are familiar with the nuclear industry, reorganizing your business raises several unforeseen risks and costs. How can you be sure that you are taking the right approaches and using the most efficient techniques? Does your staff has the right skillset? How will you reduce or manage radioactive waste? Is your equipment thoroughly tested? These are just some of the operational challenges you can face in a decommissioning phase.

SCK CEN offers dismantling and decontamination best practices, ranging from conventional to innovative techniques and processes. This results in cost-efficient solutions for radioactive waste removal and safe (un)conditional release. We also offer technical support to test your equipment and technologies in radioactive “hot or cold” environments.

All together we lower the risks of your operations and reduce your decommissioning costs.

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Connect with Belgian research, institutional stakeholders and industry partners

A common entry barrier of the nuclear market is the difficulty to know the right network. This makes it even more difficult to find the right contracting partners, attract qualified workers or tap into the knowledge of local research institutions.

Thanks to a long-lasting relationship with all kinds of stakeholders in the Belgian nuclear sector, SCK CEN helps you forge local partnerships, institutional stakeholders and industry connections.

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We help you seize singular opportunities in the dismantling and decontamination market:

  • Prepare for nuclear market entry
  • Secure a safe and cost-efficient shift to decommissioning
  • Engage and succeed in Belgian decontamination projects

We grew our experience in the field by the decommissioning and decontamination of the BR3 reactor and Belgonucléaire site, hotlab facilities within the SCK CEN site, two cyclotrons in Seneffe and UGent’s Thetis research reactor… Experience we gladly share with partners in Belgium and abroad.


ANUBIS: Building the knowledge for better dismantling

As part of the Belgian plan for EU’s post-pandemic recovery, SCK CEN has submitted a project linked to the sustainable dismantling of the Belgian nuclear power plants. ANUBIS, as it was dubbed, stands for Advancing NUclear dismantling in Belgium through Improving Sustainability. A nice way to say that we’re building a research, development and demonstration (RD&D) facility and accompanying installations to support innovation of decommissioning practices in Belgium.

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New to the nuclear industry and looking to apply your tech to dismantling applications? Or just curious to visit our innovation hub?

We’d like to hear from you and discuss collaborations. Fill in the form below and we’ll show you how SCK CEN can help you get there.

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