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Would you like to work at SCK CEN, but don't see any suitable vacancies at the moment? 
In that case we gladly receive your unsolicited application.

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  • Engineering

    Building and System Integrator

    • master’s diploma in Engineering Sciences (MSc)
    • experience as System Integrator
    • an important role in a ‘one of a kind’ project
    • technically challenging
  • Engineering

    Cryogenics Engineer

    • responsible for the cryogenic systems of the MINERVA accelerator
    • responsible for the specification, tender, contract follow-up, commissioning and operation
    • keep the technical documentation up-to-date
    • master’s degree in mechanical engineering
  • Engineering

    LLRF expert (Low-Level RF)

    • implementation, commissioning and operation of the LLRF system of the high-power superconducting linac
    • compliance with the exceptionally high reliability requirements, e.g. by enabling the envisaged fast fault tolerance scheme of the main linac
    • master’s or PhD degree in electrical engineering or physics
    • experience with programming of embedded systems is required
  • Engineering

    Power converter engineer

    • responsible for all power converters of the accelerator
    • ensure compliance with the high uptime requirements
    • master’s degree in electrical engineering or equivalent
    • experience in the procurement and operation of power converter systems is required
  • Engineering

    High-power RF engineer for accelerator applications

    • co-responsible for the high-power RF systems
    • cover all technical aspects of the tender procedure, procurement, installation, commissioning and operation of the high-power RF-system
    • master’s or PhD degree in electrical engineering, physics or equivalent
    • work on high-power, solid-state amplifiers driving superconducting RF cavities
  • Engineering

    Project engineer

    • leading role in innovation projects
    • analysis of electrical and electronic installations
    • master’s diploma in Engineering Sciences
    • excellent people skills
  • Engineering

    Operations Coordinator Security

    • responsible for the technical management of the Physical Security Systems
    • develop test, maintenance and operational programmes
    • become part of our state of the art security office
    • master's degree in industrial sciences