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SCK CEN Academy

Expanding and maintaining nuclear knowledge on peaceful applications of ionising radiation: this is one of the main ambitions of SCK CEN. Through the SCK CEN Academy, we ensure the transfer of all nuclear knowledge, skills and attitudes of students and professionals in the nuclear field.

The greater the access to nuclear knowledge, the better the skills of students and employees in the workplace and the safer the use of ionising radiation in industry, healthcare and in the research community. Moreover, excellent knowledge sharing also supports new, innovative applications for the benefit of society as a whole.

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SCK CEN - Opleiding bij Academy (2019)
  • PhD theses & postdocs

    Are you looking for thesis topics that are in line with the research of SCK CEN? Or does the next step in your career path mean a postdoctoral position? Then we would be pleased to guide you.

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  • BSc and MSc theses & internships

    As a bachelor or master student, you can apply for a thesis research at SCK CEN or rely on our expertise and facilities to perform your own research.

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  • Activities for pupils and teachers

    SCK CEN likes to immerse pupils and teachers in the fascinating world of nuclear science and technology. To this end, it organises numerous activities, projects and competitions.

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  • SCK CEN Academy channel

    Discover some of the SCK CEN's research topics with a selection of videos. 

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  • SCK CEN Alumni

    The knowledge network with which we want to share the scientific, educational, cultural and social activities of SCK CEN, and which also promotes contacts between alumni.

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  • Scientific visits

    Apply for an internship at SCK CEN as a professional to update and sharpen your scientific knowledge and technical skills.

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  • About the SCK CEN Academy

    Learn more about our priorities, quality assurance and partners.

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Latest news

More news about the activities of the SCK CEN Academy.

SCK CEN - Consultancy (2019)


As a scientific research centre, SCK CEN encourages its collaborators to write articles for scientific journals, to support doctorates, present specialist papers at conferences, prepare reports for authorities, etc. We also work on specific research reports at the request of our clients.

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