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MSc and BSc theses & internships

As a Bachelor or Master student, you can count on the expertise and facilities of SCK CEN to complete your thesis. For this, you will work for a certain period of time in our laboratories under the supervision of an SCK CEN expert, who will also be your mentor.

The completed thesis must have been approved of by the SCK CEN mentor before it is submitted or published. And be sure not to forget to mention the name and logo of SCK CEN. 

During an internship, you will work in the facilities of SCK CEN under the supervision of an SCK CEN expert for a certain period of time without writing a thesis at the end of this period. Your mentor will be responsible for you for the whole duration of your work placement and will help you, among others, with the experiments that you will carry out in our laboratories.

Thesis and internship subjects

Our online lists with available thesis and internship subjects are permanently updated. Most graduation subjects focus on nuclear sciences and technology but we also offer graduation subjects in other domains.

Available thesis subjects for:

Professional Bachelor's degrees

Academic Bachelor's degrees

Master's degrees

BNEN Master's degrees

Internship subjects

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How do I apply?

You can apply online for a thesis or an internship through the tab ‘Available research’. Be sure to enter all required information as otherwise your application cannot be taken into consideration. (Please include a copy of your registration certificate at the educational institute) Your application must be approved of by the SCK CEN Academy and your SCK CEN mentor: they will keep you informed by email.

Still have questions? Please contact the SCK CEN Academy and always mention the ID number of your subject.

Note: Transfer of knowledge towards countries that did not sign the non-proliferation treaty or of which the immaculate reputation regarding peaceful application of radioactivity, scientific integrity or respect of economic rules is questioned in an international context is conflicting with SCK CEN’s interests and values. The analysis of the applicant for a specific topic will be done case-by-case in a continuous interaction with the Federal Agency of Nuclear Control and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Contact SCK CEN Academy

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SCK CEN Award best Master's thesis

Each year, SCK CEN grants an award to the authors of the two best Master’s theses that have been written in our laboratories. The award winners receive a prize of € 1000.

Take a look at the laureates of previous editions

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    Financial support

    Only foreign students are eligible for a small financial benefit. This is only awarded upon specific request and after a careful review by the SCK CEN Academy and the SCK CEN mentor. PhD students must have enrolled in a university and are also hired by this university. The contract between SCK CEN and the university lays down the financial details: SCK CEN pays for the personnel cost according to the wage scales of the university, a fixed amount for operating expenses and applied overhead cost. Post-doctoral researchers are hired by SCK CEN for a period of two years at the same conditions as other SCK CEN staff.

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    Low-priced housing is available for every thesis student. Find all information about our housing units here.


    More information

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    External financial support

    SCK CEN works together with partners in the nuclear industry and with public agencies such as FWO. Please contact the SCK CEN Academy for more information about external financing of your own research.


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