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PhD theses & post-docs

Are you looking for thesis subjects that fit in with the research of SCK CEN? Or do you consider a post-doctoral position as the next step in your career path? If so, our research centre may well offer you an interesting solution.

  • 2019_SCK CEN - PhD & Postdoc - thesis

    PhD thesis

    SCK CEN works together with numerous universities, both in Belgium and abroad, offering new PhD subjects each year that fit in with its own research programmes. Consult all available subjects and find more information about how we can help you with your doctoral study.

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  • 2019_SCK CEN - PhD & Postdoc - postdoc

    Post-doctoral researcher

    SCK CEN is always looking for candidates who wish to work for us as a post-doctoral researcher. We offer an innovative research environment with a strong link to both academic researchers and practice-oriented sectors. Here, you can find an overview of the available post-doctoral researcher jobs.

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