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  • 20221201_PULSAR_Logo
    02 December '22

    Off to new avenues for power generation in space

    Launch of the PULSAR project

    ESA, the European Space Agency, is showing interest in developing Radionuclide Thermo-electric Generators (RTGs): cost-effective primary power sources for missions beyond low-Earth orbits. Among other things, they want to use these energy sources in the European Large Logistics Lander mission (EL3). To achieve this, together with our partners we launched the PULSAR project. (Acronym: PU-238-coupLed dynamic power system for SpAce exploRation and beyond).

  • Radioactief transport  (2022)
    24 November '22

    INES 1 due to mislabelling nuclear transport

    In April 2022, an outgoing transport from SCK CEN had missing and incorrect labels and the content description in the transport document was incorrect. This is only an administrative anomaly, which has no impact on the well-being of our staff, the population or the environment.

  • SCK CEN - Infrastructuur BR2 (2019)
    18 November '22

    Belgian research reactor BR2 will not start up in November

    The start of this 35-day cycle was scheduled for 28 October but was postponed due to a mechanical failure of a non-return valve. The necessary inspections were immediately carried out and are now finished. Based on the inspections, a safety analysis was performed and a file was handed over to the safety authorities. The talks with the safety authorities did not result in an approval to start up so far. Therefore, SCK CEN decided to cancel this cycle.