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  • 20220713_SCK-CEN_Jaarverslag-Highlights2021
    14 July '22

    Read SCK CEN’s brand new annual report ‘Highlights 2021’

    We proudly present our (online) annual report: "Highlights 2021"! In this edition, the focus is on "working together". “If you want to produce groundbreaking societal miracles, you need a co-pilot - a partner who shares a vision, yet masters a different professional discipline,” Eric van Walle, Director-General of SCK CEN, explains. In short: two partners pursuing a common goal. This annual report compiles all the high-profile partnerships into which we entered in 2021. We hope that you enjoy reading this edition!

  • SCK CEN - Bezoekdagen (2022)
    13 June '22

    More than 2,700 curious visitors at SCK CEN’s visiting weekend

    The visiting weekend marks the celebrations for SCK CEN's 70th anniversary

    Last weekend, the nuclear research centre opened its doors to the general public - for the first time in 10 years. This attracted a lot of curious visitors. SCK CEN welcomed more than 2,700 of them. "This year, SCK CEN is blowing 70 candles out. We also wanted to share this anniversary with the general public," enthuses Eric van Walle, Director-General of SCK CEN.

  • SCK CEN - 70 jaar SCK CEN (2022)
    24 May '22

    SCK CEN is leading research towards sustainable nuclear energy

    Federal government awards research budget of 100 million euros

    The die is cast. The nuclear research centre SCK CEN will research small, modular reactors of the future – in cooperation with (inter)national partners. To this end, it will receive a budget of 100 million euros from the Federal government. “With its unrivalled nuclear expertise, SCK CEN will lead Belgium towards sustainable nuclear energy,” said Prime Minister Alexander De Croo in his speech. He delivered this speech at the celebration of SCK CEN's 70th anniversary. The nuclear research centre is thus resuming its original mission.