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  • 20221207_SABCA-SCKCEN_BUDDAWAK_drone-BR3-1
    02 February '23

    Radiation detection drones: the sky is not the limit

    SCK CEN and SABCA prove new, precise measurement technique with test flight

    Demonstrating that drones can map radioactivity over a nuclear site or larger area - that is the mission of Belgian nuclear research centre SCK CEN and aerospace specialist SABCA. Last year, we already presented our first 'radiation detection drone' together. Now we are also showing images of the heavier artillery. Indeed, in December 2022, the 'X-8 multicopter drone' made its first extensive test flight. Equipped with 3 rugged CsI (Cesium Iodide Scintillation) detectors, it mapped radiation levels over our own BR3 site.

  • Radioactief transport  (2022)
    20 January '23

    INES 1 due to incorrect delivery of a radioisotope

    The nuclear research centre SCK CEN performs irradiations in the BR2 research reactor, after which the irradiated capsules are delivered all over the world. On Thursday 12 January 2023, an incorrect radioisotope was unknowingly delivered to a client. The delivery error was detected immediately upon arrival of the transport. The incident had no impact on the well-being of staff, the public or the environment.

  • 2022_GebouwCRF
    09 January '23

    New pilot production for targeted cancer treatments

    SCK CEN wants to build a new production facility for medical radioisotopes. The construction of the CRF building marks another important step in the fight against cancer.

    From 5 January 2023 until 3 February 2023 (included), a public enquiry will take place for the construction of the new project.  Everyone can read the file - including the ambition and technical plans - at Mol town hall.