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  • SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights (2021)
    08 July '21

    Read SCK CEN’s brand new annual report ‘Highlights 2020’

    SCK CEN proudly presents its brand new annual report 'Highlights 2020'! The focus of this edition is on 'breaking patterns'. We look at how scientists have traditionally embraced this concept and how 'ruptures' lead to scientific breakthroughs. We hope you enjoy reading it!

  • SCK CEN - Smartphones als ‘toevallige dosimeters’ (2021)
    14 July '21

    Smartphones are ‘casual dosimeters’

    Smartphones can serve as ‘casual dosimeters’ in radiological incidents. By reading the resistors inside them, researchers can accurately determine the individual dose of radiation sustained afterwards. This was demonstrated in a large-scale experiment by SCK CEN. “This is essential to ensure that, in case of high doses due to an accidental situation, medical aid is provided immediately,” emphasises Olivier Van Hoey, dosimetry expert at SCK CEN.

  • Roger-Van-Geen
    08 July '21

    Thomas Cocolios receives the “Roger Van Geen” chair

    The Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) and the Fund for Scientific Research (F.R.S.–FNRS) awarded the “Roger Van Geen” chair to Thomas Cocolios, professor at KU Leuven. This biennial prize is an initiative of SCK CEN. This year, it rewards the career of T.E. Cocolios in the field of nuclear physics and nuclear medicine.