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  • SCK CEN - 70 jaar SCK CEN (2022)
    24 May '22

    SCK CEN is leading research towards sustainable nuclear energy

    Federal government awards research budget of 100 million euros

    The die is cast. The nuclear research centre SCK CEN will research small, modular reactors of the future – in cooperation with (inter)national partners. To this end, it will receive a budget of 100 million euros from the Federal government. “With its unrivalled nuclear expertise, SCK CEN will lead Belgium towards sustainable nuclear energy,” said Prime Minister Alexander De Croo in his speech. He delivered this speech at the celebration of SCK CEN's 70th anniversary. The nuclear research centre is thus resuming its original mission.

  • 2022_SCKCEN_Nick-Ervinck_Result
    24 May '22

    70 years SCK CEN: a work of art by Nick Ervinck

    The new sculpture by Nick Ervinck (OLEALDIM), which he created for the 70th anniversary of SCK CEN, the nuclear research centre in Mol, is thought-provoking and will surely intrigue both artists and scientists! The relentless and eternal quest for the core of things! A wonderful confrontation with the structure of atoms and electrons that surround and pass through us! 

  • HADES 40 (1)
    27 April '22

    HADES blows out 40 underground candles

    For forty years, HADES has been the cradle for research into geological disposal in poorly indurated clay in Belgium. Experiments in that underground laboratory proved that such a facility could be dug out industrially and that long-term safety can be ensured. This acquired knowledge enables Belgium to take the next steps towards a real repository. Pierre-Yves Dermagne, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Employment, and Tinne Van der Straeten, Minister of Energy, congratulate EIG EURIDICE, ONDRAF/NIRAS and SCK CEN on this anniversary.