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  • 20240214_SCK-CEN-x-CRM-Group---SMELD
    13 February '24

    Nuclear melting furnace also receives green light from Europe

    SCK CEN and CRM Group boost the circular economy in dismantling by constructing a nuclear furnace 

    The European Commission has given the final go-ahead for the development of the Belgian melting furnace for research purposes. The furnace will encourage the creation of a circular economy in nuclear dismantling, by enabling larger quantities of metal to be given a second life than can possibly be achieved using the melting technologies currently available. As the nuclear research centre SCK CEN and the Centre for Metallurgical Research (CRM Group) jointly stated, “This decision by the European Union reconfirms the social importance of our plan.” 

  • SCK  CEN  -  Lancering Pantera (2022)
    13 February '24

    PanTera signs agreement with Bayer for the supply of actinium-225

    Agreement demonstrates PanTera’s unique ability to support the radionuclide therapeutics industry in bringing new cancer treatments to patients

    PanTera, the Belgian joint venture created by IBA and SCK CEN to secure large-scale production of alpha-emitting radioisotopes, today announces the signing of a capacity reservation agreement with Bayer for the supply of actinium-225 (225Ac) starting in the second half of 2024.

  • SCK CEN - Documentaire Sarah Baatout (2024)
    12 February '24

    Sarah Baatout shines as STEM role model in brand-new documentary

    “Becoming a newsreader or opening a zoo in Africa, those were my dreams as a 22-year-old woman.” With those lively words and a radiant smile, Sarah Baatout enters the screen in 'Électrons Libres'. That vibrant documentary by Safia Kessas takes a look at the lives of Sarah and five other inspiring European women in science. At the preview on 8 February, they managed to mesmerise audiences with their stories. Tonight, they promise to do the same, this time right in your living room. Tune in to La Trois at 9.20pm and be inspired.

    On 11 February, we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. We are proud of our amazing female colleagues, each one, in their role, contributing to the advancement of humanity. You are an inspiration. ‍ #WomenInSTEM #IDWGS2024 🌟👩‍🔬 #WomenInSTEM