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  • SCK CEN - Oprichting MYRRHA IVZW (2021)
    20 September '21

    The AISBL has been set up: MYRRHA welcomes international partners

    "MYRRHA AISBL is a reality!", enthuses Hamid Aït Abderrahim, Deputy Director-General of SCK CEN and Director of MYRRHA. The deed of incorporation was signed on Friday. "17 September therefore marks the start of a new era for MYRRHA. One in which we can officially join forces with international partners to achieve our ambitions and goals!"

  • Tinne Van der Straeten, ministre de l'énergie, souligne l'importance de ce projet et l'expertise des deux partenaires. « La Belgique veut rester un leader mondial dans la production d'isotopes médicaux. C'est pourquoi, dans le cadre du plan de relance européen, nous avons apporté notre soutien au SCK CEN pour leur permettre d'innover dans le domaine des radiopharmaceutiques thérapeutiques. SCK CEN et IBA combinent leurs grandes expertises dans ce partenariat de R&D afin de collaborer sur des isotopes qui pe
    15 September '21

    IBA and SCK CEN join forces to enable production of Actinium-225

    Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, 15 September 2021 – IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A., EURONEXT), the world leader in particle accelerator technology, and SCK CEN (Belgian Nuclear Research Center) today announce a strategic R&D partnership to enable the production of Actinium-225 (225Ac), a novel radioisotope which has significant potential in the treatment of cancer.

  • SCK CEN - Smartphones als ‘toevallige dosimeters’ (2021)
    14 July '21

    Smartphones are ‘casual dosimeters’

    Smartphones can serve as ‘casual dosimeters’ in radiological incidents. By reading the resistors inside them, researchers can accurately determine the individual dose of radiation sustained afterwards. This was demonstrated in a large-scale experiment by SCK CEN. “This is essential to ensure that, in case of high doses due to an accidental situation, medical aid is provided immediately,” emphasises Olivier Van Hoey, dosimetry expert at SCK CEN.