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  • \\scksrv1\mpr\MEDIA\PHOTO\Klaas De Buysser\20190208 SCK
    17 July '20

    MYRRHA protons accelerated successfully

    The MYRRHA project has achieved a further important development milestone. For the first time at SCK CEN, researchers succeeded in accelerating a proton beam through the recently connected radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ). The RFQ is a component of the particle accelerator that will drive the sub-critical research reactor. “This is an important achievement in the implementation of the MYRRHA project,” says Hamid Aït Abderrahim, MYRRHA director and deputy director-general of SCK CEN.

  • 20200404_Bosbranden Tsjernobyl
    30 April '20

    UPDATE - Forest Fires Chernobyl: no cause for concern

    30.04.2020 - Forest fires have been reported since 3 April in the restricted and contaminated zone around Chernobyl. Our researchers, in collaboration with the Belgian Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI), previously reported detailed analyses of the situation in Europe. That is when we underlined that the population should not worry about possible health risks. The fires lasted a long time, so we provide an update of our analyses.

  • 20200404_Bosbranden Tsjernobyl
    17 April '20

    Forest fires Chernobyl: increased radioactivity near fires but no danger for the population

    Since 3 April, Ukraine suffers from forest fires in the so-called exclusion zone around the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl, where in 1986 the most severe nuclear disaster in history took place. People are worried about the increased radioactivity that is measured in the immediate vicinity. Is there really cause for concern? Will the weather conditions convey the radioactivity from the burning forests to Belgium? Our experts from the Crisis Management and Decision Support team closely monitor and analyse the fire together with the Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI).