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Customised training courses for professionals

Radiation protection, materials research, reactor technology, nuclear safety, nuclear dismantling..., SCK CEN has a comprehensive R&D programme generating a wealth of knowledge, skills and competences. We gladly share the experience that we’ve gained in our different research domains with the outside world. Think of professionals who (in)directly come into contact with radioactivity at the workplace, such as employees from the nuclear or medical industry but also fellow research organisations and public agencies. Depending on the specific needs and wishes, we work out customised training courses for everyone.

Our training courses are modular and geared to the actual needs of the course participants. You determine the content, duration, level, language (Dutch, English, French), location, etc.

You can contact us free of commitment to discuss your specific preferences.

SCK CEN - Opleiding bij Academy (2019)

A mix of theory, practice and visits

Our customised training programmes may include theory lessons, practical exercises and lectures, complemented with visits to nuclear laboratories or installations of SCK CEN. We always work out a programme through which course participants can enrich the knowledge they’ve acquired and we always include practical applications.

A minimum of 7 participants is required for us to organise a specific customised course. To meet individual requests, the SCK CEN Academy also organises ‘open training courses’ with pre-established curricula.

More information about our facilities for practical training modules

Possible topics

The SCK CEN Academy creates and organises courses in all R&D fields in which it is performing active research. Standard subjects are:

Are there specific topics that you are interested in? You can contact us free of commitment to discuss your preferences.

SCK CEN - Opleiding bij Academy (2019)


Teachers and mentors of SCK CEN Academy are top scientists and engineers with comprehensive experience in the fields in which they teach. Next to the required scientific and technical expertise, they also pay special attention to their didactic competences. All our teachers have taken part in a learning facilitator training course to improve their didactic and educational skills and increase the effectivity of their training courses.

SCK CEN - Opleiding bij Academy (2019)

Technical visits

The following technical facilities of SCK CEN can, amongst other things, be visited in addition to theory lessons and practical exercises: 3 operational research reactors (BR1, BR2 and VENUS), a research reactor that is being dismantled (BR3), hot cells (LHMA), the underground research laboratory for disposal of radioactive waste (HADES), the decontamination ward of the medical department, the laboratories for whole body counter (a method for measuring internal contamination) and low alpha, beta and gamma measurements, the radiobiology, radio-ecology and microbiology laboratories, the dosimetry and calibration laboratories, etc.


The SCK CEN Academy has already organised customised training programmes for the following organisations:

ENGIE (GDF SUEZ), Electrabel, nuclear power plant Doel, European Commission (EuropeAid and DG ENERGY), EPZ, IAEA, APPLUS RTD, Bard, Belgoprocess, Belgonucleaire, Belgian fire brigades and civil protection teams, Bel V, BeMedTech, Canon/Toshiba Medical Systems, FANC/AFCN, Galapagos, General Electric Healthcare, Philips Medical Systems, NIRAS/ONDRAF, Siemens Healthineers, VITO.

Questions about what the SCK CEN Academy can do for you?

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