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Operational support for dismantling and decontamination

Secure a safe and cost-efficient decommissioning process


Optimize decommissioning operations

Operating a nuclear facility (reactor, accelerator, cyclotron, laboratory,…) is one thing, shutting one down is quite another. Characterization of different waste streams, decontamination processes, radioactive waste management… These are just some of the operational challenges you will face in a decommissioning phase.

With SCK CEN by your side, you are able to secure and safely execute specific projects in the Belgian D&D market.

SCK CEN has more than 30 years of expertise ready to help you optimizing your decommissioning operations.


Decommissioning best practices

In the end, all we want to achieve is minimizing radioactive waste in a safe and economic manner. With our in-depth knowledge on pre- and post-characterization of bulk materials or components, you can reach typically up to 98% mass (un)conditional release.

But there’s more. Thanks to tried and approved waste qualification methods (storage, transport or disposal) and automated technologies (robotics and drones in the future) you can reach important cost reductions.

Optimize dismantling and decontamination (D&D) techniques

Instead of diving head-first into your D&D process, there are some steps you need to go through before you take the plunge.

We offer adequate testing and maintenance in both hot and cold facilities during your decommissioning operations. Our practical experience helps you solve technical challenges and run operations efficiently and safely.

Operational support includes:

  • product testing and validation
  • decontamination efficiency assessment and measurements
  • secondary waste analysis and characterization
  • design of tools and processes

Waste and fuel management

We develop and test waste treatment and conditioning techniques suited for different waste streams, including exotic ones, making them accredited by NIRAS/ONDRAF. Cost-efficient, sustainable waste management, just for you.

Safety and radiation protection

Decommissioning doesn’t come without risks. That’s why we can help you to keep the safety of your operators and the environment. With globally approved radioprotection tools like Visiplan (our ALARA planning tool), SCK CEN helps you improve the radiation protection and keep your decommissioning processes safe.

But the human factor is very important, that is why we organize trainings for the staff on- and off-site and regularly review safety and emergency procedures.

ANUBIS: RD&D for closing existing technology

Talking about finding or optimising dismantling techniques… we continue to challenge ourselves in in-depth research every day. That research is accelerated by the ANUBIS project. Which entails RD&D for closing existing knowledge and technology gaps in nuclear dismantling and will move this RD&D towards upscaling in view of industrialization and stimulating innovation.

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