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Your nuclear activity is our priority

Are you active in the nuclear sector or working on a regular basis with products and devices which come into contact with radioactivity? You can count on SCK CEN’s expertise and experience. We will stand by you for R&D activities or support you in your production: minor or major requests, exclusively with your company or in cooperation with several partners.

Discover our services for activities in which you are active:

  • 2019_SCK CEN - Lageradioactiviteitsmetingen - mens

    Medical applications

    From dosimetry services and the production of radio-isotopes to radiochemical analyses, radiation protection and the fight against cancer thanks to NURA: our services are diverse and outstanding.

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  • SCK CEN - Nieuwe reactoren en splijtstoffen (2019)

    Nuclear applications

    SCK CEN carries out material tests, performs research into fissile material for you or with you, advises you on processing radioactive waste, supports the dismantling and decontamination of facilities and is your partner in instrumentation and calibration.

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  • SCK CEN - Infrastructuur BR2 (2019)

    Other applications

    SCK CEN’s expertise in radiation is varied and specialized. Discover the many possibilities in terms of consultancy, irradiation services and measurement and testing services.

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  • SCK CEN - Onze verantwoordelijkheid (2019)


    As a nuclear research centre, SCK CEN has always been inclined to join forces for scientific research into ionising radiation and/or its effects.

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