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Guaranteeing nuclear knowledge

How do we disseminate our nuclear knowledge?

The knowledge we collect deserves a large audience. From scientists to students. From professionals to policy makers. We ensure that our knowledge and skills continue to live on so that we can prepare future nuclear experts. Society comes into contact with nuclear issues and applications in many ways. Being well informed is therefore crucial.

That is why we are constantly building bridges between science and society and keeping our finger on the pulse. Social researchers study and map current attitudes toward the nuclear issue. This way, we can make our knowledge of this complex subject matter as bite-sized as possible for the general public.

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Objectivity as a priority

A thorough public debate about nuclear energy and nuclear applications is raging. Therefore, we always present our findings in an objective manner. SCK CEN is independent: science should be relevant to policy, not prescribe policy. This will allow society to work out for itself to what extent these technologies can provide solutions to the challenges of the future.

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    Social sciences and humanities research

    Finger on the pulse

    Nuclear applications are not only a matter of technology, but also of societal choices. Whether in the context of energy production or healthcare, or when dealing with natural radioactivity, such choices are complex and always need to consider societal and ethical aspects. Expert opinions, as well the knowledge and views of citizens and other stakeholders are equally valuable inputs in research and decision making processes.  Social sciences and humanities research can help here. It can motivate and facilitate dialogue between experts, citizens and other stakeholders, but also with making sense of the complexity of the challenges and choices as such.

    Moreover, our social scientists are strongly committed to citizen participation. Reaching better decisions together by bringing knowledge, insights and values of citizens into social debates.

    🔗 Read more about our social sciences and humanities research.

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    SCK CEN Academy

    Sharing knowledge and securing it for the future

    With the SCK CEN Academy, we increase access to nuclear knowledge and immerse young scientists in the world of nuclear science and technology. We inform, support and supervise students and collaborate with academic institutions across the world.

    Cooperation with Belgian universities is deep-rooted. For example, many SCK CEN experts teach at universities; a PhD programme has been running for more than 30 years; we have set up 'BNEN' together with Belgian universities: a master-after-master course for nuclear engineers, ...

    In this way, we continually prepare new generations for challenging nuclear careers in which a safe future is central. Through customised training courses, we ensure that professionals stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

    🔗 Read more about the SCK CEN Academy

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