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Our corporate values

How do we bear our responsibility?

With one of the smallest elements on earth – the atom – we want to make the biggest possible difference for society. As an internationally leading research centre, we not only assess and monitor the potential impact of our activities on society, our environment, our site and the wellbeing of our own employees. We also advise others to pursue the same excellence in protecting people and planet.

Our mindset

Care and respect are the guiding principles of our acts. We invest in innovation and quality improvement to meet human and environmental challenges. That mindset flows through our veins. It is closely woven into our DNA.

What do we want to stand for? Which role do we want to play? Who do we want to be? These are the questions that come up with us when we think about our corporate social responsibility. Our commitment has no limits but starts, a/o, with the following basic principles.

Our guiding principles

  • We work according to the applicable laws, ethical standards and international regulations. Upon any infringement, we take corresponding measures and inform the competent authorities.

    Consult our ISO certificates

  • SCK CEN is an important partner of the government to ensure that correct measures are taken in an emergency situation. Upon a nuclear incident, we perform radiological measurements and inspections. Thanks to these measurements, we can establish the severity of the nuclear incident. We support the government with all the necessary aid and expertise. We ensure that the government can take appropriate measures.

  • To prevent the proliferation of nuclear material and nuclear weapons (non-proliferation), fissile material must be managed and controlled appropriately. The inspection of its peaceful use is entrusted to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). SCK CEN supports the IAEA in the development of increasingly effective and efficient inspection methods.

  • Protecting people and the environment against radioactivity is something we cannot do solely on our own. For this, we exchange our knowledge about it. We help to secure the quality and evolution of these educational programmes, both on a national and international level.

Our care for people and nature

  • 2022_SCKCEN_Natuurwandeling

    SCK CEN nature walk

    Doing great things with the atom as the smallest particle? That is our challenge. And we do it every day in the middle of a beautiful setting: the Mol nature that stretches across all SCK CEN sites. Although we would like to make much more of that nature. How? You can discover this on our SCK CEN nature walk. Welcome to our domain!

    To the nature walk

  • 2022_SCK-CEN-Gender-equality

    Gender equality plan

    The plan for the promotion of gender equility and diversity has been conceived as, on the one hand, an awareness of our good practices and, on the other, a call to vigilance to continue to invest actively in them.

    Consult the plan

  • Klokkenluidersregeling (2023)

    Whistleblower policy

    The main purpose of this policy is to indicate in a practical way how a whistleblower can report mainly internal breaches, and in what way they will be acted upon.


    To the whistleblower policy

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