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Pioneers at heart

Nuclear science for the community

We are leading the way. Driven by science, innovation and world-renowned infrastructure, we are taking steps forward. We research openly, expand our knowledge in diverse nuclear fields, and make our expertise available to partners and professionals at home and abroad. Our aim? Application after application contributing to society; science for the community. We focus on the very smallest constituents of the universe, while looking resolutely at the bigger picture.

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Mission & vision

Do not underestimate the power of atoms: nuclear applications can make a difference. Now and in the future. This is why as one of the biggest research centres in Belgium we continue to perform research into them.

Driven by our passion for science. Boosted by our unique infrastructure. We permanently build on our current insights and expand our high-tech knowledge in various nuclear areas. These are our building blocks for developing innovative applications for society. In this way, we want to contribute to a world in which these and future generations can live safely and in good health.

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Exploring 2040

Focus on three priorities

Everything SCK CEN does is centred on society. Thus, we provide solutions to three major challenges:

  1. Climate change
    With innovative nuclear systems, we want to play an important role in climate-neutral energy production.

  2. Sustainable solutions for dismantling and waste management
    We want to convert our vast knowledge and experience into concrete solutions and industrial applications for a key challenge: nuclear waste management and dismantling of nuclear facilities.

  3. The fight against cancer
    We want to increase our role in nuclear medicine. In addition to just the production of medical radioisotopes, SCK CEN is evolving into a full-fledged pharmaceutical player, in pre-clinical research as well as pilot production of new radiopharmaceuticals for cancer therapies, including its own cancer research lines.

SCK CEN - Highlights 2022 (2023)

Annual reports of SCK CEN

SCK CEN communicates openly and transparently about all its activities, also via annual reports. Discover the highlights of each year.

To our highlights

Corporate information

  • Our management

    Defining objectives. Planning. Setting out a course. It is indispensable in any organisation, both in terms of project results and financial results. Several groups steer our activities and see to it that SCK CEN converts its objectivesin concrete results.

    Meet our management

  • Administrative information

    All information about the legal status, statutory objectives and accounting data can be found here.

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  • Procurement

    As a Foundation of Public Utility, SCK CEN is bound by Belgian legislation on public tenders. Click for an overview of open and closed tenders.

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  • Funding & autonomy

    Our funding comes partly from the government (general operating allowance and specific Belgian contracts) and partly from income we generate ourselves (own income through contract research and services), as well as awarded EU research projects. We want to generate more of our own income in the future.

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Our building blocks

  • More than 70 years experience

    SCK CEN was incorporated in 1952. Since that time, the research centre has acquired solid expertise and deeply rooted knowledge of one of the smallest elements on earth: the atom. It is time to tell our story, starting at the source in Mol.

    Read the history of SCK CEN

  • Unique infrastructure

    Access to unique facilities is a decisive facilitator for performing pioneering research and pushing boundaries. A concise explanation of our six specific installations.

    Discover our infrastructure

  • Crucial partnerships

    We are pioneers at heart. Our research is not limited by the boundaries of what we know. We explore. We sound out the frontiers of knowledge. To be able to realise the philosophy of our research centre, we reach out to partners from across the world.

    Meet our partners

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