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Strategic advice on dismantling and decontamination

Explore your nuclear opportunities. Our expertise.

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Strategic advice, fit to your nuclear needs

How is your resource planning coming along? What’s your technical approach? SCK CEN guides you through these phases, strategically planning your nuclear opportunities.

We make our unique knowledge available to you, so you can play your part in the nuclear transition.

SCK CEN has more than 30 years of expertise to provide you with the strategic advice you may need for your dismantling and decontamination projects.

  • 2018_SCKCEN_training

    Strategic planning and resource optimization

    Planning for decommissioning is not all about the nuclear attributes. It’s just as important to get the whole organization set out for this new phase. This requires strategic goal setting, resource planning, change and stakeholder management and staff education & training to make sure everyone’s on board. SCK CEN can help you with that!

    Besides that, we carefully select the best available technologies and identify holdpoints to ensure the realization of optimized operational efficiency.

  • 2020_Ontmanteling-BR3

    Decision making and project monitoring

    You won’t have to figure out the financials of your project on your own. We take care of feasibility studies, cost analysis and site monitoring. So you make the right decisions in line with legal changes and market evolutions. Ensuring your project stays on track.

  • 2022_SCKCEN_Licensing

    Administrative and licensing advice & environmental assessments

    We make sure you adhere to FANC and NIRAS/ONDRAF regulations so you can properly approach the Belgian nuclear environment. At the same time, you need to find your way through the licensing process and get your logistic puzzle in order. SCK CEN is right by your side through environmental assessments, advice on the decommissioning plan, definition of the end state & inventory management.

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