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About SCK CEN Academy

Expanding and maintaining nuclear knowledge about peaceful applications of ionising radiation is one of the main ambitions of SCK CEN. Through our SCK CEN Academy, we ensure the transfer of all nuclear knowledge, skills and aptitudes of students and professionals in nuclear domains.

The more access to nuclear knowledge, the better the competences of students and employees at the workplace and the safer the use of radioactive radiation in the industry, the health care sector and research environments. Moreover, excellent knowledge dissemination also supports new, innovative applications to the benefit of society as a whole.

SCK CEN - Opleiding bij Academy (2019)

Our priorities

  1. Guiding young scientists

    SCK CEN experts are ready to guide bachelor, master and PhD students as well as young professionals. We offer internships under the supervision of a mentor and post-doctoral positions to improve nuclear competences.

  2. Organisation of academic education programmes and courses tailored to professionals

    The SCK CEN Academy works together with several Belgian and foreign universities and contributes to academic education. We also offer customised training courses to improve the knowledge and skills of employees from the industry, the medical sector, research organisations and public authorities engaged in radioactive applications.

  3. Policy support in terms of nuclear education

    Through networking activities and by participating in international projects, the SCK CEN Academy contributes to a closer match between training courses and the recognition of skills on a national and international level. We also take the lead in organising conferences and workshops about education programmes focussing on nuclear sciences and technology.

  4. Care for critical/intellectual capacities for society

    The SCK CEN Academy is committed to encourage a critical mind and objectivity among students, trainees and PhD researchers in the nuclear domain. The purpose is to promote a critical mind with regard to the scientific, social, political and ethical aspects so that the evaluation of nuclear applications is always done in as objective a way as possible.

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Our quality assurance

High-quality education is a top priority of the SCK CEN Academy. With top scientists and technicians, who have both feet firmly in the day-to-day practice and have acquired the necessary educational qualifications, we can warrant up-to-date, high-quality education. The Qfor quality certificate being awarded to us shows that we deliver on our promises. View the latest Qfor citations document.

Our infrastructure

  • Gemeente Mol (2020)

    Research in Mol

    The bulk of our activities – both on a research and academic level – is organised on our research site in Mol. This Belgian region already has a long nuclear history. For more than 50 years already, game-changing fundamental research into, a.o., the production of new nuclear fuels, new reactors, the storage and processing of radioactive waste, etc. is being performed in Mol and the neighbouring village of Dessel.

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  • SCK CEN - Opleiding bij Academy - Lakehouse (2019)

    Lakehouse by SCK CEN

    The courses of SCK CEN Academy are usually organised in Lakehouse. Lakehouse is a meeting centre amidst woodland, alongside a lake and just outside the research centre’s nuclear perimeter.

  • SCK CEN - Opleiding bij Academy (2019)

    Research infrastructure

    Instructive visits to operational research facilities are part of our diverse educational programmes. SCK CEN opens its research facilities for this purpose: 3 operational research reactors (BR1, BR2 and VENUS), a research reactor that is being dismantled (BR3), hot cells (LHMA), the underground research laboratory for disposal of radioactive waste (HADES) and the many, diverse laboratories such as the whole body counter, microbiology and dosimetry laboratories, etc.

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Caring for critical-intellectual capacities for society

Nuclear technology entails risks that are the object of intense public debate. In this debate, scientifically correct arguments are of the essence. Through its education activities, the SCK CEN Academy aims to educate objective & critical students.

We do this by:

  1. organising interactive courses in which (PhD) students can explore the scientific, political and ethical aspects of nuclear technologies;

  2. organising courses that pay special attention to ethics in radiological and nuclear risk management, radiation protection and nuclear engineering;

  3. highlighting the importance of critical/intellectual skills in relevant national and European training and knowledge management policy programmes;

  4. organising discussions between academics and representatives from civil society. We encourage the methodological skills of students and test the theory through the practice: How do you handle confrontations between different points of view? How do you read scientific texts or policy memos with a critical mind? What is a transdisciplinary approach in research and education? Etc.

Thank you, partners!

SCK CEN Academy is permanently looking for external financial support. We have, for instance, partnership agreements with industrial and public agencies such as FWO. In such events, the scientific content of a work placement or thesis is defined by both parties. External financial support is also possible regardless of any scientific input.

If you are interested in supporting the research of SCK CEN, please contact SCK CEN Academy.

SCK CEN Academy wishes to thank the following supporting organisations for their useful contributions and partnerships: ACES project - ASOFAVNBelspo CEA - ENGIE - ESA - Europa & Horizon 2020 - Euro-fusion - Federale overheid - FWOKMI - MYRRRHA NIRAS  - OCAS - Qualify Interreg Europe - TELIX - VITOVlaamse overheid - Von Karman Institute   

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