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Local partnerships in the Belgian nuclear market

Explore the Belgian nuclear environment


Build your nuclear network

It’s not always easy to find the right contracting partners, attract qualified workers or tap into the knowledge of local research institutions.

Thanks to a long-lasting relationship with all kinds of stakeholders in the Belgian nuclear sector, SCK CEN helps you forge local partnerships and industry connections, as well as build your relationship with the most important institutional stakeholders.

SCK CEN has more than 30 years of experience in the field to help you grow your network.

Research institutes

Engineering, physics, chemistry, you name it… knowledge from all sides will let you improve processes and apply cutting-edge technologies. Tap into this unique expertise thanks to the internal know-how of SCK CEN and that of our international research network.

Institutional stakeholders

All of our procedures are fully approved by FANC, the Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control. Doing business with SCK CEN automatically means being fully compliant with the legal provisions on working with ionising radiation.

Apart from leading to a high percentage of (conditional) release, our methodologies are also 100% geared towards the requirements of material traceability and radioactive waste handling and disposal. At all times, we keep a close eye on the conditions and the necessary requirements as defined by NIRAS/ONDRAF, the ‘Belgian national agency for radioactive waste and enriched fissile materials'.

Industry partners

SCK CEN holds a key network position that connects different parties involved in the operational transition. We have gone through the whole decommissioning process in different projects before. That is how we offer you a selection of the best technologies and partners for the different dismantling and decommissioning tasks.


Talent and workforce

Finding qualified workforce or experienced professional might prove to be quite a challenge. Due to the rather long needed training periods, nuclear experts are hard to find. Thanks to an established network, SCK CEN helps you attract and select colleagues with the right skills and experience. We also share our expertise in training courses, including this open course ‘decommissioning of nuclear installations' or personalised training modules on radioactive waste management.

You can find our complete training offer here.

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