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Set out to change the world

At SCK CEN, we are on the forefront. By developing new knowledge and innovative applications, we move the line of what nuclear science can do for society. Each day, we are driven by a relentless ambition to build our expertise and achieve our goals. We are immersed in a world of unique technology, open discussion and discovery, together with other capable and curious minds. Join a community of explorers

A job with SCK CEN means:

  • From aerospace biology to nuclear medicine, at SCK CEN you’ll contribute to breakthroughs for the protection and progress of mankind itself.

  • SCK CEN offers a variety of ambitious projects and opportunities to grow your expertise. It’s never easy, it’s never fast. It’s always worth it.

  • Enter an international community that favors collaboration over competition, facts over assumptions, and with access to truly unique research technology.

Join the frontier - Careers SCK CEN (2018)

A chance to advance society

From aerospace biology to nuclear medicine, at SCK CEN you’ll contribute to breakthroughs for the protection and progress of mankind itself.

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Become a pioneer

  • Werken als onderzoekers bij SCK CEN (2019)


    Our researchers share the same goal: improving society with their expertise and innovative nuclear applications.

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  • Werken aan het beheer en de ondersteuning bij SCK CEN (2018)

    Management & Operations

    Management & operations professionals who are eager to take responsibility in an innovative environment will help us conduct meaningful research.

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  • Een job bij SCK CEN (2018)


    Any engineer who wants to design, construct and test impactful applications will find a home at SCK CEN.

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  • MYRRHA - SCK CEN (2019)


    MYRRHA is the world’s first accelerator driven reactor cooled by a lead-bismuth eutectic. Will you discover new medical radioisotopes while working on nuclear waste solutions? Start your next mission at MYRRHA!

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  • SCK CEN - NURA (2019)


    With its NURA project, SCK CEN significantly increases its contribution to the fight against cancer. By pooling its knowledge and expertise in terms of radiopharmaceuticals, NURA contributes to the development of the next-generation radiopharmaceuticals.

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  • 2023_SCKCEN_RECUMO-2


    With the public-public partnership RECUMO, SCK CEN and the National Institute for Radio Elements (IRE) reach out to one another. SCK CEN will decontaminate the current and future highly radioactive residues and thus reduce the stock.

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  • INSPIRATION-project (2019)

    Other projects

    More than 100 nuclear research projects have found a home at SCK CEN in Mol. Enjoy a limited overview of the unlimited applications we develop – from radioecology to nuclear fusion.

SCK CEN - Opleiding bij Academy (2019)

PhD theses & postdocs

Are you looking for thesis topics that are in line with the research of SCK CEN? Or does the next step in your career path mean a postdoctoral position? Then we would be happy to guide you.

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Living & working

  • SCK CEN - Infrastructuur BR3 (2019)

    Working at SCK CEN

    Are you wondering what’s it like to work at SCK CEN in Mol? Come on down and discover a unique research institute that offers plenty of extra opportunities to its employees.

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  • Gemeente Mol (2020)

    Life in Mol

    Mol is the 2nd largest village in the province of Antwerp. Literally, it covers more than 114 km2. It is also one of the most international towns in Belgium, hosting 132 different nationalities.

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  • Ondertekening samenwerkingsovereenkomst residentiewijk Boertang Mol (2018)

    Life in Belgium

    If you’re looking to join SCK CEN, you have to take a few administrative steps first. More information on housing, schools, and transport can be found under Life in Mol.

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