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Structure and management

SCK CEN is a public benefit purpose foundation under private law, operating under the supervisory authority of the Belgian Energy and Economy ministers. Our course is set out by different groups.

Daily management

The management committee, led by the Director General, is responsible for the daily management.

Director General: Peter Baeten
Deputy Director General: Christophe Bruggeman
Secretary-general & Director Corporate Services: Kathleen Overmeer
Director Sustainable Waste & Decommissioning: Christophe Bruggeman
Director Minerva Design & Build: Adrian Fabich
Director Nuclear Medical Applicatons: Koen Hasaers
Director Nuclear Energy Technology: Joris Van den Bosch
Director Belgian Reactor 2: Steven Van Dyck
Director Innovative Nuclear Systems: Marc Schyns

They are assisted by:

Director Prevention and Protection at Work: Fernand Vermeersch
Director Business Development & Support: Pascal De Langhe

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is, as SCK CEN’s highest body, responsible for the proper operation of our research centre. The Board of Directors determines the strategic course and has a number of permanent powers: organisational flow chart, annual budgets and accounts, taking decisions that have a major financial impact or strategic importance.

Chairman: Derrick-Philippe Gosselin
Vice-Chairmen: Didier De Buyst and Georges Denef
Managing Director: Sigrid Jourdain
Members: Nele Geudens, Tessa Geudens, Anne Junion, Marie-Carmen Bex, Ronnie Belmans, Bart Martens, Jérémie Roland, Frank Wilrycx and Didier Hellin
Honorary member of the Board of Directors: Frank Deconinck
Government Commissioners: Isabelle Karlshausen and Maria-Antoinetta Simons
Director General: Peter Baeten
Secretary: Catherine Spect


The Bureau is composed of members of the Board of Directors who follow up the execution of the decisions of the Board and prepare its meetings.

Chairman: Derrick-Philippe GOSSELIN (Chairman Board of Directors)


  • Georges DENEF (First vice-chairman)
  • Didier DE BUYST (Vice-Chairman)
  • Sigrid JOURDAIN (Managing Director)
  • Ronnie BELMANS (Member)
  • Didier HELLIN (Member)
  • Nele GEUDENS (Member)
  • Tessa GEUDENS (Member)
  • Isabelle KARLSHAUSEN (Government Commissioner)
  • Maria-Antoinetta SIMONS (Government Commissioner)


  • Peter Baeten (Director general)
  • Catherine SPECT (Secretary)

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council (WAC) advises the Board of Directors and the management committee. This advisory body focuses on the scientific and social aspects of the operations of our research centre. Their recommendations also include topics such as education and training, communication, networking and the valorisation of our scientific research results. Finally, the Scientific Council (WAC) also assesses the quality of our research activities.

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Thomas Pardoen
Vice-Chairman: Prof. Dr. Patrice Mégret
Scientific Secretary: Dr. Michèle Coeck
Members: Prof. Dr. Michel Bourguignon, Prof. Dr. Geert De Schutter, Prof. Dr. Em. Frank Deconinck, Mr. Marc Deffrennes, Prof. Dr. Tina Kyndt, Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Modolo, Prof. Dr. Gerda Neyens, Prof. Dr. Peter Baeten, Prof. Dr. Derrick Gosselin (represented by Prof. Dr. Em. Michel Giot)

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