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We are never on our own.

It is a privilege to be able to work every day with some progressive partners both domestically and internationally. Together, we harness our strengths and seek nuclear solutions for a better future.

Pioneers at heart.

Pioneering. The passion of pioneering is a key element of our research centre’s DNA. Our research is not limited by the boundaries of what we know. We explore. We sound out the frontiers of knowledge. We have the guts to challenge ourselves and conquer unknown territories. However many horizons we may explore, we always pursue the same objective: developing innovative medical, industrial and energy-related applications.

Cooperation is the key to success

To be able to realise the philosophy of our research centre, we reach out to partners from across the world. Everywhere we go, we share our pioneering spirit. A spirit that brings people together and stimulates game-changing progress in society.

We werken structureel samen met...

Bezoek Yukiya Amano IAEA_SCK CEN (2018)

1. Nuclear research institutions


Both in Belgium and abroad, we join forces with research institutions. SCK CEN and IRE, the National Institute for Radio-elements, have long been a golden duo in the fight against cancer. IRE has over fifty years of experience in the rapid and worldwide distribution of radioisotopes produced by SCK CEN.

💡 Are you already familiar with RECUMO? Together with IRE, we turn radioactive residues back into reusable raw material.


SCK CEN also has a long tradition of collaborations with NIRAS, the National Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials. Think, for example, of research into geological disposal in the underground research laboratory HADES, or our public-private partnership for various themes related to radioactive waste.


Finally, we are recognized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which promotes the safe, secure, and peaceful use of technologies.

Tinne Van der Straeten, ministre de l'énergie, souligne l'importance de ce projet et l'expertise des deux partenaires. « La Belgique veut rester un leader mondial dans la production d'isotopes médicaux. C'est pourquoi, dans le cadre du plan de relance européen, nous avons apporté notre soutien au SCK CEN pour leur permettre d'innover dans le domaine des radiopharmaceutiques thérapeutiques. SCK CEN et IBA combinent leurs grandes expertises dans ce partenariat de R&D afin de collaborer sur des isotopes qui pe

2. Industrial and commercial partners

IBA & PanTera 

We have an industrial partnership with healthcare company IBA - a global leader and expert in cyclotrons. By combining our expertise, SCK CEN and IBA will pave the way for the large-scale production of actinium-225 - a promising solution for combating both common and rare cancers. To achieve this, IBA and SCK CEN have jointly established PanTera.

Alternative cancer treatment

Actinium-225 is a medical isotope for radiotherapy. This internal cancer treatment provides an important alternative in cancer therapy. It uses radioisotopes that emit radiation as they decay, allowing cancer cells to be both precisely localized and destroyed.

💡 Find out how medical radioisotopes detect diseases and treat cancer.


3. Schools and universities

Six Belgian universities and SCK CEN join forces with BNEN, the Belgian Nuclear Higher Education Network. This is an academic Master of Nuclear Technology program that promotes the network between the academic world, research centers, industry, and other stakeholders in the nuclear sector.

💡 Read more about our SCK CEN Academy.

A glimpse of unique projects we can only realise thanks to our partners:

  • Flexible to use, accurate in measurements. After years of testing, the nuclear research centre SCK CEN proved that drones can map out radioactivity with extreme precision. Now is the time to take the leap from research to industrial deployment. By working with the Belgian aviation specialist SABCA, SCK CEN hopes to land there quickly.

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  • Soon, nuclear fusion will shake off its image as an eternal promise once and for all. Indeed, the ITER nuclear fusion reactor under construction in France is navigating in a straight line towards its target, which is expected to start up in 2026. More than 4,800 European scientists, including SCK CEN, dedicate themselves daily to achieving this goal. The pace of research is increasing thanks to a €583 million research budget allocated by the European Commission in 2021.

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  • With the MYRRHA project, the nuclear research centre SCK CEN is aiming to tackle a series of social challenges. The reliability of MYRRHA’s particle accelerator is of the utmost importance in achieving the intended applications. Belgo-French electronics are helping to ensure that reliability. “The electronics indicate when adjustment is needed; they determine – so to speak – how the engine roars,” the engineers say.

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  • With a thorough renovation, the nuclear research centre SCK CEN and the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) are breathing new life into the adjacent residential quarter. The neighbourhood was first established to house employees, but after renovation, it will welcome non-employees as well. Both owners placed the renovation steering wheel in the hands of the Belgian construction company Cordeel.

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