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Highlights 2023

Enlight our pioneering strategy

We are all natural sculptors. When we read or hear words, we shape an image of them in our minds. Except when it comes to 'the unknown'. Then our brain's pencil remains motionless, leaving the drawing board empty. The word says nothing and yet it encompasses everything. It refers to any place, situation or challenge about which there is little or no information. Clarity is missing.

And this is where pioneering science can show its true power. It shines a revealing light on what has hitherto remained in the dark. That is why 'the unknown' is also our chosen scientific playground. Indeed, the nuclear sector has many such challenges. How do we contribute to a sustainable energy mix? How do we safely dismantle our nuclear power plants? And how can we use radioactivity to better treat cancer?

This annual report is more than just a report of figures and results. It is a journey through the contrasts of success and challenge, but above all a journey with a new light on our world. 

We strive for a better future, so all our research is guided by societal needs. We want to make a difference where it is needed most.
Peter Baeten, SCK CEN Director-General

We shine our pioneering light on ...

  • 20231129_SCKCEN_CRF_7

    1. ‘Exploring’ domains

    We strengthen our pioneering light and increase our social impact by joining forces with strategic partners. By working together, we are accelerating progress. Examples include consortia to build a lead-cooled Small Modular Reactor, to dismantle cyclotrons and to develop new targeted cancer treatments.

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  • SCK CEN - BR2 - laagverrijkte splijtstofstaven (2023)

    2. ‘Guaranteeing’ domains

    We have already built a strong foundation of knowledge and experience in these domains. Today, our light extends further than ever before. Even in areas we are more familiar with, we are striving for innovation. By doing so, the sky is not the limit. We set course for a new world first, obtained the prestigious ICERR label and sent a miniature heart into space.

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SCK CEN - Highlights 2023 (2024)

Key figures 2023

How many employees does SCK CEN have? How many times a year do we appear in scientific journals? What are our business results? Just as light pierces through darkness, our company figures shed a bright light on our performance. 

Discover SCK CEN in a few key figures.

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