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Open training courses

Through its SCK CEN Academy, SCK CEN frequently organises open training courses on several nuclear subjects. These courses have a pre-established programme and are open to individual registrations.

On which subjects do we organise open training courses?

Our references

Our training courses have already been followed by participants from the following organisations:

Adhesia, Arista, Attentia, AV Controlatom, AZ Klina, AZ Heilig Hart Mol, AZ Monica, AZ, St. Dimpna, AZ St. Lucas, AZ St. Trudo, Bayer, Belgonucleaire, Belgoprocess, Bel V/AVN, Canberra, Cesi, ECS, Electrabel, European Commission, FBFC, AFCN/FANC, GZA St. Augustinus, Ghent Dredging, IBA, IBt, IDEWE, IRE, JRC-IRMM, ISI, ISIB, ISP, IVBO, Johnson&Johnson, KULeuven, Liantis, ONDRAF/NIRAS, Premed, Provikmo, Nordion, NRS electronics, Mediwet, Mensura, Mourik, RTD-Nederland, SGS, Securex, Solvay, Sterigenics, STOLA-Dessel, Techni-Test, Tecnubel, Tractebel, Transnubel, Transrad, UGent, UHasselt, VAT, Umicore, UZA, UZBrussel, UZGent, UZLeuven, Westinghouse,…

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