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Radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment

SCK CEN NURA Radiolabeling (2019)

Discover new opportunities for your molecules in radiopharma

26.4 million new cancer cases and 17 million deaths every year worldwide – those are the estimates for 2030. The quest for improved cancer treatments has become more urgent than ever. And with the unexplored potential of your molecules to be used as a radiopharmaceutical at your fingertips, you could be well on your way to discover new medical opportunities and more effective cancer treatments.

SCK CEN is a pre-clinical research partner and manufacturer of medical radioisotopes specialising in the field of radiopharmaceuticals. Engage our unique expertise, infrastructure, and focus to help you discover new opportunities in the fight against cancer.

SCK CEN accelerates the fight against cancer

Our dedicated cancer research program NURA is constantly developing new knowledge in the field of nuclear medicine – both independently and as a Contract Research Organization. At the core of NURA is the aim to facilitate the development of new radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment.

That is also how you enhance the life-saving potential of your molecules.

3 radiopharmaceutical services at your disposal

SCK CEN is a research centre that pools and fosters radiopharmaceutical knowledge. With all of our combined expertise, we can optimally contribute to your development of next-generation radiopharmaceuticals for treating cancer.

SCK CEN NURA Radiobiology (2019)

Research & Development

SCK CEN takes its responsibility as a research centre seriously. That means we conceive and develop new fundamental radiopharmaceutical research with a clear focus on interdisciplinary knowledge creation.

If you work at a university, pharma or bio-tech company and need to understand the fundamental radiopharmaceutical mechanisms, our radiochemistry, radiobiology and dosimetry scientists are there to support you.

Explore radiopharmaceutical R&D opportunities


Contract Research

Besides independent research for the greater good, SCK CEN can also conduct discovery and pre-clinical radiopharmaceutical research on your behalf.

As a Contract Research Organisation with renowned radiopharmaceutical expertise we are at your side for the development of promising radiopharmaceuticals in the fight against cancer. By the end of 2025, we will also be GLP-certified.

Develop therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals


Contract Manufacturing

SCK CEN produces high-quality therapeutic isotopes for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device businesses.

Thanks to our unique infrastructure and licences to handle a variety of isotopes, we can produce a wide range of radioisotopes and are investing to produce the most promising therapeutic radioisotopes at GMP grade. That’s why currently up to 25% of all medical isotopes in the world start their journey  at SCK CEN – why not yours too?

Find out how we do this for 177-Lutetium

How SCK CEN can help you in the fight against cancer

  • Explore the world of radiopharmaceutical applications without missing crucial opportunities. Thanks to our unique radiopharmaceutical expertise, infrastructure, and focus, SCK CEN helps you scope and prove potential – fast.

  • Radiopharmaceutical research opens a world of new opportunities for your molecules, and with validated potential you open a new source of investment. We provide you with the results you need for your board meeting or investment pitch.

  • Are you getting the most out of your research? Or your molecule? Radiopharmaceuticals can have a huge impact on the fight against cancer if you have the right knowledge. Explore new opportunities, secure funding and make the right decisions.

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