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High-quality therapeutic isotope production

In addition to its research work, SCK CEN is currently the world leader in irradiation, a key process in the production of radioisotopes for medical treatments such as cancer therapy and pain control.

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The final piece of the commercial jigsaw

After years of research into isotope production, we know you do not want to fall at the hurdle of sourcing your isotope and ensuring delivery to market.

Thanks to our unique infrastructure and licences to handle a wide range of isotopes, we can produce a wide range of radioisotopes and are investing to produce the most promising radioisotopes at GMP grade.

That’s why currently up to 25% of all medical isotopes in the world start their journey at SCK CEN. With SCK CEN, you can rely on a high-quality product and supply reliability that will give your compound treatment the best chance of commercial success.

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The expertise and infrastructure you need


Radioisotope production is a detailed and highly expert process. With our unique infrastructure – the BR2 reactor and soon MYRRHA – we have an unrivalled capacity to produce the isotopes you need. The range of isotopes produced currently include:

Medical imaging

  • 99m-Technetium – cardiology or oncology
    133-Xenon– pulmonary scanning

Cancer diagnosis

99-Molybdenum– almost 7 million patients can undergo a medical examination thanks to the production of this radioisotope. SCK CEN is involved in the production of over 30% of the global demand.

Cancer treatment

  • 192-Iridium– brachytherapy

  • 131-Jodium – thyroid gland cancer

  • 90-Yttrium – liver cancer

  • 177-Lutetium – prostate cancer

Other medical applications

  • 169-Erbium – rheumatoid arthritis

  • 153-Samarium, 89-strontium or 188-rhenium – bone metastases

  • 186-Rhenium – cardiac applications

...and we’re working on the breakthrough radioisotopes of the future

Inspire confidence amongst investors and customers

As one of the world’s leading isotope irradiation facilities, SCK CEN is known for its quality – which in turn imbues your investor and customer proposals with quality.

Prove to investors that you have access not only to high-quality isotopes, but that you are in partnership with a high-quality organisation.

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