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Highlights 2022


‘We mark out the path of innovation.’

A sustainable future will not be served to us on a silver platter. That platter has to be forged and the future, assembled. That work does not just happen. Someone has to take charge to pave the way. A pioneer. Find out in this annual report how SCK CEN is the pioneer of 2040.

We are paving the way to the future with...

  • SCK CEN - Highlights 2022 (2023)

    Innovative nuclear systems

    What will future nuclear systems look like? In 2022, SCK CEN further explored the technologies that could lead Belgium towards sustainable nuclear energy. We oriented ourselves around lead-cooled small modular reactors (SMRs), among others. Along the way, the unprecedented research possibilities of the new ISOL@MYRRHA facility are helping us approach our destination step by step.

    1. Research budget SMR
    2. Construction of ISOL@MYRRHA

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  • SCK CEN - Highlights 2022 (2023)

    Nuclear medicine

    SCK CEN enhanced the battle against cancer – the disease that affects around 20 million people every year – in 2022. Medical radioisotopes are helping to diagnose and combat the disease all the more often. We raised the pace of our quest for therapies based on radioisotopes. We are also guaranteeing reliable isotope production, including with the spin-off PanTera – which will make actinium-225 widely accessible.

    1. Greater role in nuclear medicine
    2. BR2 as production hub
    3. Founding of PanTera

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  • SCK CEN - Highlights 2022 (2023)

    Dismantling and waste

    SCK CEN is a pioneer in research into the disposal of nuclear waste in deep clay layers. 40 years of HADES research demonstrates that the path towards underground disposal is safe and feasible. At the same time, Belgium is revealing itself as an innovative front-runner in dismantling nuclear facilities on the world stage.

    1. 40 years of HADES
    2. BR3 als dismantling model

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Setting course, preparing and leading the way

In 2022, we used the words 'pioneering spirit' and 'trailblazer' more than once. And not just for the sake of it. We showed how we fulfilled that role in the past and how we will take up that role for 2040. To mark out the path of the future and pave the way to 2040, we need the right tools.

This is why we make targeted investments in

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