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Radiopharmaceutical research to combat cancer


Tap into our knowledge now. It’s waiting for you.

NURA, our therapeutic radiopharmaceutical research & development plan, is a powerful ally for partners engaged in the development of radiopharmaceuticals. Our research is constantly creating new and valuable knowledge in cancer diagnostic and therapeutic areas.

SCK CEN’s expertise is constantly increasing – and with it, your ability to find new, innovative treatments and commercial opportunities.

Get a headstart on your breakthrough project

SCK CEN is currently buzzing with curiosity. Multiple ongoing projects are continuously pushing the boundaries of medical research related to radiochemistry, radiobiology and dosimetry. Expert teams are applying their time and energies on the areas of research that we believe will have the biggest impact on society and bring greatest benefits to future customers.

This is why we invite customers like you to tap into our constantly expanding pool of knowledge – and get a flying start to your next breakthrough project.

SCK CEN NURA Radiolabeling (2019)

Exploring a better tomorrow

Every month, every year, we are moving forward – and you can join us. In three critical areas, we are gaining ever deeper insights and answering all-important questions:


How are we going to produce the next generation of radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatments? Our NURA scientists are currently looking for ways to produce promising radioisotopes and to incorporate them in target-specific radiopharmaceuticals. Current research focuses on 225Ac, 153Sm 161Tb and 177Lu – and there are many more to follow.


We evaluate the interaction between radioisotopes, cancers and the body through pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. By studying the biological mechanisms underpinning the therapeutic and cytotoxic effects of radiopharmaceuticals, we can help you optimise the effectiveness of radiotherapy and minimise its side-effects.


We are improving our knowledge and quantification techniques to move from organ-based dosimetry to small-scale dosimetry, by determining the dose distributions on sub-organ level and even cellular/DNA level. By calculating the deposited energy (absorbed dose) on this scale, there is a new opportunity to predict and optimise the effectiveness and safety of treatments.

Find the right road to market

Working alone it can be difficult to see the path to market. By tapping into the R&D resources of one of the world’s leading radiopharmaceutical institutions, you can see more clearly how to turn promising treatments into marketable assets.

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