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Contract research: unlock the door to opportunity

As one of the world’s leading nuclear research centres, we bring extensive knowledge of radiopharmaceuticals and extensive facilities to clients who seek to conduct research. In every project we aim to help you achieve your pharmaceutical and commercial objectives – and in doing so, make a difference to the society we live in.

NURA - SCK CEN (2019)

The goal is in sight – let us help you get there

You know where you’re going and what you need to do. As a Contract Research Organisation, we support clinical and pharmaceutical partners in the development of promising radiopharmaceuticals for therapeutic purposes by providing them with data to enter the next phase.

Focusing on the phases prior to clinical research, we offer interdisciplinary expertise and access to our unique pre-clinical research facilities, including:

  • Radiolabelling labs
  • Imaging equipment
  • in-vitro/in-vivo tests/equipment

Ready to validate the radiopharmaceutical potential of your molecule and enter the next phase?

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SCK CEN NURA Radiolabeling (2019)

Breadth and depth of expertise  

With over 70 years’ experience in nuclear research and life sciences, SCK CEN can deliver the perfect, tailor-made research programme. We place a specialist team at your service and give you access to our considerable infrastructure to give you the research results you need. We also have permits in place to use a wide range of isotopes, including the most promising ones: 225Ac, 177Lu, 161Tb and 153Sm.

Our contract research activities are focused in three key areas:


SCK CEN specialises in radiolabelling and assists partners during the production of radioisotopes, the chemical separation or purification, the actual labelling process and its validation.


SCK CEN helps partner companies to perform both in vivo and in vitro imaging and provides access to advanced pre-clinical imaging modalities such as the SPECT-CT scanner and autoradiography scanner.

Pre-clinical & à la carte research

SCK CEN can assist with by providing you with the necessary data for the pre-clinical stage to move on to the next step in the development process. Radiopharmaceutical research can be subdivided into:

  • in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo toxicology
  • pharmacokinetic research
  • pharmacodynamic research.
  • Tailor-made projects

Set out your product roadmap with confidence

At every stage of the drug development process, the pressure to demonstrate progress is constant. By partnering with SCK CEN, we  help you to meet your timescales through a well-managed and expert research programme.

We are committed to the highest standards of quality and process in non-clinical trials and the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). We are currently making every effort to be GLP-compliant by 2025.

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