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  • SCKCEN - Raderdiertjes in de ruimte UNamur (2020)
    04 December '20

    Belgian rotifers fly back to space

    Healthy rotifers can reproduce in space without any problem. This has been shown by the experiment from UNamur and SCK CEN, exactly one year after having been sent into space. Next Saturday, the Belgian rotifers will leave again for the ISS. “We are going to test their resistance even more by damaging their DNA before departure", UNamur, SCK CEN and ULB explain. The partners will do so by irradiating them on earth.

  • SCKCEN - Cryomodule MYRRHA (2020)
    27 November '20

    Superconductivity and French prototype: a crucial milestone coming up for MYRRHA

    In order to accelerate MYRRHA’s proton beam, researchers need superconductivity. Superconductivity is the phenomenon whereby electrical resistance of some materials vanishes below a certain temperature. The temperature needed for MYRRHA is 2 kelvins. The ideal conditions will be created by cryomodules of which the French company SDMS, La Chaudronnerie Blanche recently developed a prototype. MYRRHA is one step closer to reaching a new milestone.

  • SCK CEN - Infrastructuur BR2 (2019)
    19 November '20

    Coronavirus will not get the better of SCK CEN: more than 9 million cancer patients received help

    SCK CEN took stringent measures to guard against the coronavirus in its research centre – and certainly in its BR2 research reactor. “The production of medical radioisotopes cannot be allowed to stop under any circumstances. People's lives depend on it,” says Eric van Walle, Director-General at SCK CEN. The federal government recognised this too, naming SCK CEN an essential service. The research centre continued its work at full pace and successfully. More than 9 million cancer patients have been helped by SCK CEN's production in the BR2 research reactor.