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  • hades renovatie schacht
    02 December '21

    HADES research lab fully accessible again

    In the past year and a half, EURIDICE has carried out a thorough renovation of shaft 1, the oldest access shaft to the underground laboratory HADES. These works are now behind us. Recently, the new hoisting installation, the hoisting building and the renovated shaft were put back into operation. With the renovation, SCK CEN, EURIDICE and ONDRAF/NIRAS are ensuring the accessibility of HADES for decades to come.

  • noodplanoefening 16 november 2021
    29 October '21

    Emergency planning exercise on Tuesday 16 November

    On 16 November, you will hear the alarms go off at SCK CEN. On that day, SCK CEN is holding a biennial emergency planning drill with the federal government services in the morning.

    The exercise is a collaboration with the Government's National Crisis Centre (NCCN). We will be testing our emergency procedures and the operation between the Emergency Room and the NCCN's Evaluation Unit.

    During the exercise, disruption will be limited to the sound of the alarms.

  • SCK CEN - Hoge Gezondheidsraad (2021)
    26 October '21

    SCK CEN experts disagree with Superior Health Council report

    Scientific integrity compromised

    The three experts who refused to endorse the report of the Superior Health Council work at the nuclear research centre SCK CEN. The reason for this refusal is that their scientific integrity and independence were compromised. This is the opinion of the nuclear research centre SCK CEN.