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SCK CEN highlights the impressive achievements of 2023

11 June '24

Look back on 2023 with the brand new annual report ‘Highlights’

SCK CEN is proud to present its brand new, digital annual report ‘Highlights 2023’! This edition is more than just a presentation of figures and results. It is a journey through the ups and downs of successes and challenges, but above all a journey that shines a new light on our world. We hope you enjoy reading it!

The word "Highlights 2023" hanging on wires in a museum of newspaper clippings.
Our achievements last year deserve to be in the spotlight.
2023, enlight our pioneering strategy!
Peter Baeten, Director-General of SCK CEN

“In 2022, we launched our new strategic plan 'Exploring 2040'. This plan put forward a clear ambition. We are taking up the gauntlet in the fight against climate change and cancer, and promise to be a responsible steward in sustainable decommissioning. And we are striving for innovation in all our areas of expertise. We have made significant progress in the year since the plan was published. And that deserves to be in the spotlight,” confirms Peter Baeten, Director-General of SCK CEN.

In 2023, we entered into strategic partnerships to speed up the progress, while achieving key (scientific) milestones. The first spades were dug into the ground, followed by the first bricks laid, and the course was set to a new world first. This annual report brings together all the developments which have created impact, and scrutinizes them in the light of the needs of society.

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