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Customized training courses nuclear reactor technology




Course participants update their scientific and technical background related to reactor operating principles, enhance their operation skills and gain overall competences in nuclear safety. They are also informed about the most recent research results on GEN IV lead-cooled technology, fast reactors and Accelerator Driven Systems.

Theoretical classes are complemented with hands-on exercises and technical visits to SCK CEN research reactors BR1, BR2, VENUS-F, graphite pile and the lead- bismuth laboratories.

Target audience

The training courses in nuclear reactor technology are aimed at nuclear scientists and engineers, reactor operators, site managers and anyone who wishes to gain expertise and competences in nuclear reactor technology aspects. 

  • SCK CEN - Nieuwe reactoren en splijtstoffen (2019)

    Available modules in nuclear and reactor physics

    • Neutron physics
    • Reactor physics
    • Reactor dynamics and control
  • Available modules in reactor technology

    • Main reactor lines
    • Nuclear thermal hydraulics
    • Reactor safety
    • GEN IV lead-cooled technology
    • Fast reactor experiments
    • Accelerator Driven Systems
  • SCK CEN - Onze verantwoordelijkheid (2019)

    Available modules in computational techniques in reactor physics

    • Monte Carlo calculation methods
    • Nuclear data processing
    • Uncertainty quantification
  • SCK CEN - Infrastructuur VENUS (2019)

    Available practical sessions

    • Reactor physics training in BR1 (thermal) and VENUS-F (fast) research reactors and a graphite pile
    • Computer exercises
    • Reactor dosimetry experiments
  • Werken als ingenieur bij SCK CEN (2018)

    Technical visits

    • Research reactors BR1, BR2 and VENUS-F
    • Lead-bismuth laboratories


Courses are given by top-level SCK CEN scientists and engineers with solid expertise in their research domain. Furthermore, they have followed learning facilitator training sessions and can thus transfer their theoretical knowledge and practical experience to the course participants efficiently and effectively. 


Our clients include, amongst others, ENGIE, the NPPs of Electrabel Doel (Belgium) and EPZ Borssele (The Netherlands), and IRSN (France). 

We also contribute to the academic program of the BNEN master-after-master in nuclear engineering and provide guest lectures at several international universities.

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