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Personal dosimetry

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SCK CEN - Dosimetrie (2019)

Dosimetry, more than 50 years experience in measuring radiation

Currently, around 11,000 employees wear an SCK CEN dosimeter for recording the ionising radiation dose they incur. SCK CEN accurately measures, reports and analyses these individually incurred radiation doses.

Rely on our years of dosimetry expertise.

  • Not to exceed the legal limit of 20 millisieverts per year;
  • To quickly clarify unintentional exposure;
  • To be able to closely monitor and minimise the doses incurred at all times;
  • and to always obtain the latest innovations in dosimetry.

Thanks to SCK CEN, you can measure and monitor radiation doses accurately and you can count on seasoned experts for a correct interpretation of your results.

SCK CEN - Dosimetrie (2019)

Personal dosimetry

Through personal dosimeters, SCK CEN measures the radiation exposure incurred by employees at hospitals, dental practices, veterinary clinics and the (non-)nuclear sector.

The legal standard dosimeters are worn on the chest. Depending on your activities, it may be appropriate to supplement this with a finger, eye lens or lead apron dosimeter or with a neutron dosimeter.

Convenient online customer portal

Our greatest asset? That would be the online customer portal for dosimetry. Review your dosage results here and manage applications for and usage of your dosimeters. You get access to this online application with the purchase of any of the dosimeters we offer.

  • SCK CEN - Dosimeter Inlight (2019)

    InLight, the most economical solution

    This dosimeter accurately measures the amount of radiation to which you have been exposed. After a month, you send off the badge to the SCK CEN laboratory, where we read the dosage incurred and quickly report back to you.

    Discover InLight

  • SCK CEN - Dosimetrie (2019)

    Instadose®, your user-friendly digital dosimeter

    A dosimeter that you don't have to send back every month? There is one. With Instadose, you instantly send off the latest dosage results via Bluetooth technology. Go to the digital customer portal for a clear overview of your weekly results.

    Discover Instadose

  • SCK CEN - Ringdosimeter (2019)

    Finger dosimeter, a simple solution for complex manipulations

    When radioactive products are manipulated by hand, an additional finger dosimeter is recommended. The device from SCK CEN consists of a plastic ring containing a single thermoluminescent detector (TLD). You receive this ring as a single item, wear it for a month and then send the device back to the lab for analysis.

    Discover our finger dosimeter

Educating yourself in dosimetry and radiation protection? We can help.
Our dosimetry experts provide training and carry out continuous scientific research themselves in order to gain new dosimetric insights.

More information? Go to SCK CEN Academy or read our publications.

More dosimetry services

  • SCK CEN - Dosimetrie (2019)

    Environmental dosimetry

    With extremely sensitive measuring equipment, SCK CEN records the smallest radiation fluctuations around nuclear sites and medical facilities. Every three months, SCK CEN exchanges the dosimeters and we read the results.

    More about environmental dosimetry

  • SCK CEN services - reactor dosimetry (2014)

    Reactor dosimetry

    Reactor dosimetry determines the dosage of neutrons that was present in the RPV (Reactor Pressure Vessel) during the lifespan of the reactor. SCK CEN examines the monitoring capsules present, while the research centre knows exactly what neutron flux the capsules have received thanks to the meters.

    More about reactor dosimetry

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