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Extremity dosimeters

SCK CEN - Ringdosimeter (2019)

Finger dosimeter

When radioactive products are manipulated by hand, it may be necessary to wear, in addition to a body dosimeter on the chest, a ring dosimeter as well. Finger dosimeters consist of a plastic ring containing a single thermoluminescent detector.

When wearing a finger dosimeter, it is very important that the detector is directed as much as possible towards the radioactive source usually towards the inside of the hand. Examples of employees wearing finger dosimeters are operators working in a nuclear medicine department or persons working in a glove box.


Eye lens dosimeter

Also for eye lens dosimeters, dose limits have been defined that have recently been made stricter. This means that wearing an eye lens dosimeter is recommended for some specific applications, for instance for cardiologists working in an interventional cardiology ward. Here as well, you can appeal to the dosimetry services of SCK CEN.

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