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InLight® body dosimeter

The accurate and cost-effective OSL dosimeter

SCK CEN - Dosimeter Inlight (2019)

Guaranteed accuracy

With the approved InLight personal dosimeter, SCK CEN guarantees an accurate dosage measurement for the whole body. Through optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology, we can read the dosage results.

After wearing the InLight dosimeter for a month, send the badge back to us. SCK CEN then reads the dose incurred in the laboratory and reports this within a month via the online customer portal. We upload this data into the web application, where you can review it at any time.

In a nutshell

Budget-friendly service
InLight is our most cost-effective dosimeter ° Accurate and reliable ° Re-readable ° Energy reconstruction in the event of positive results

SCK CEN is always ready to help
Rapid service from SCK CEN, including for urgent measurements

View the InLight brochure here

A convenient web application for results & management

Consult your dose results via our digital platform. With a personal login to this secure environment, you can:

  • Review dosage results
  • Request new dosimeters
  • Cancel requests for dosimeters
  • Report lost dosimeters
  • Retrieve overviews for your team, a particular group of employees or the whole company
  • Draw up dosage reports for government bodies, such as the FANC in Belgium

Technical specifications

Minimally detectable dose

50 µSv

Measuring range

50 µSv up to 10 Sv

X-rays and gamma energy range

12 keV up to 6 MeV

Beta energy range

700 keV up to 2.3 MeV (expressed in Emax)

Small and lightweight

7.5 cm high, 1 cm thick, 18 g

SCK CEN: your legally a ccredited dosimetry partner

SCK CEN has developed a quality assurance or QA programme according to ISO/IEC 17025 and has been accredited by BELAC (015-TEST), the Belgian accreditation body. Since 2010, SCK CEN is also the first legally accredited dosimetry service provider in Belgium – accreditation awarded by the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC).

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