Analyses and measurements

Personal and environmental dosimetry

Personal dosimetry

We measure individual doses on behalf of industrial organisations, hospitals or other institutions where personnel are exposed to radioactivity in their working environment. This usually involves a whole body dosimeter worn on the body trunk.

SCK•CEN checks the dosimeters each month and submits the results to the client. This mainly applies to employees in nuclear power plants, laboratory assistants, radiologists, physicians, medical personnel, patients, etc.

Different types of dosimeters

This can be useful, for example, when treating radioactive sources in nuclear medicine or when the employee uses a glove box. For instance, a wrist dosimeter measures the skin dose on the hands. A finger dosimeter consists of a plastic ring with a detector which is sensitive to radiation in the seal.
We use different types of dosimeters, depending upon our clients’ requirements. In the event of local radiation locally high skin doses may occur, in which case we recommend an additional wrist or finger dosimeter.


The client returns the used dosimeters to SCK•CEN in Mol for reading. Upon calculation and checking of the measurement results the client is sent an e-mail advising of the results. The information is also available via a secure web platform, enabling the client to monitor the history of individual dosimeters online. We are able to offer significant discounts for large scale measurements.

Incidental doses

Our expertise can also be applied to measure personal doses in the event of incidental exposure. We also propose and monitor the results of corrective measures.


Environmental dosimetry

Environmental dosimetry involves the measurement of the impact of artificial sources of radioactivity on the environment. Natural background radiation is taken into account and we use highly sensitive equipment to measure even the smallest fluctuations in radioactivity.


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