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Coloring pages

We would love to show our work in person, but a visit to our technical facilities is not obvious. However, there is a lot to discover behind the gate: impressive infrastructures, innovative technologies and groundbreaking research. Fortunately, you can already discover many of our installations in demo form at the Tabloo visitor centre! And with these colouring pages, you can still get a glimpse of the fascinating world of nuclear science and technology. 

Hands out. Crayon at the ready. Colour away! 

  • Hot cell_Kleurplaat_0.jpg

    Hot cells - A clever piece of infrastructure

    SCK CEN has excellent infrastructure, including hot cells. These allow us to study and treat radioactive materials safely from a distance. Can you guess what is tested in hot cells? Materials for nuclear reactors, for example!


  • RDB_Kleurplaat.jpg

    Nuclear medicine - Our fight against cancer

    SCK CEN puts its shoulder to the wheel in cancer research and uses its expertise to develop personal and, above all, less invasive cancer therapies. With our own cancer research programme, we shift up a gear in the fight against cancer.


  • Spirulina_Kleurplaat_0.jpg

    Spirulina - A food source for the future

    SCK CEN wants to develop and support the cultivation of 'spirulina', a cyanobacteria, in D.R. Congo. This bacterium is nutritionally rich and can therefore make an important contribution to the fight against chronic malnutrition.


  • deco-kleurplaat.png

    BR3 - A school for dismantling

    The end goal of decommissioning is to restore the site to its original state. To achieve that, radioactivity is accurately mapped by measuring the concrete and marking the values.


  • eendekroos-kleurplaat.png

    Duckweed - A radioactive sponge

    Small in stature, big in power! Duckweed does not just cast a green carpet on canals and ponds every summer. Our research shows that the tiny plant also filters radionuclides from water.


  • MINERVA-kleurplaat.png

    MYRRHA - A worldwide one-off

    At the Cyclotron Resource Centre in Louvain-la-Neuve, SCK CEN is busy building the first part of the particle accelerator, which will power the MYRRHA research reactor.


  • hotcell-kleurplaat.png

    Geological disposal - A dive into the soil

    How does the spent fuel from nuclear reactors - so-called spent fuel - react with its environment if we dispose of it directly underground? SCK CEN is delving into the matter.


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