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Tabloo Visitor Centre

Discover all about our nuclear research at this interactive science exhibition


Discover the power of the atom

Did you know that the nuclear industry is about far more than nuclear energy? That radioactivity is also crucial in the battle against cancer or in technological inventions such as solar panels? Soon, you will learn all about ionising radiation at Tabloo: a brand new experience centre full of information and educational possibilities in Dessel! You will be there, won't you?


What is Tabloo?

Tabloo is a new visitor centre established by NIRAS/ONDRAF as part of the surface disposal project for Belgian low and intermediate-level short-lived waste. Not surprisingly, the building is adjacent to the site of the future radioactive waste repository in Dessel.

More information can be found on the official website:


What can you see and do there?

The real scientific pleasure? That can be found on the 2nd floor of Tabloo. There, you will find one large, interactive scientific exhibition on ionising radiation, waste management and nuclear research in Belgium.

In addition to being a communications quarter, Tabloo is also a visitor centre. Neighbours or visitors from the farthest corners of the country can get to know each other better there. So the restaurant, park, tourist office, theatre rooms with stages and meeting rooms certainly come in handy.

What will you find out about SCK CEN at Tabloo?

SCK CEN is a world leader in nuclear research, services and education. In the exhibition, you will get to know the broad scope of our activities, the many innovative experiments and our unique nuclear infrastructure. Sound interesting? It should do! You will discover how we're building a better future there – it should be right up your street.

SCK CEN is versatile: from the fight against cancer to space research or the construction of new reactors and material testing... Our expertise is great, our social role even greater – we'll prove that to you at Tabloo.

Watch our film and play with the nuclear research cabinet to get to know us better. Find out how we make diagnoses and cure diseases thanks to nuclear research. Start up a research reactor of your own and manipulate radioactive material in a mock-up of a hot cell... And if that weren't enough, you will get a glimpse of the future.


More information on general visits and an update on the opening can be found at

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