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Our own research and developments, with a focus on preclinical studies

As a research centre, SCK CEN focuses on research areas in which it can play the greatest role for society. The greater the impact of the research area on our society, the greater our hunger for research results.

Our researchers are currently working on 3 fronts:

SCK CEN - Radiochemische analyses (2019)


Research with the focus on discovering and producing new radioisotopes and the possibilities to couple them with the ideal carrier molecules. Our NURA scientists are currently looking for ways to irradiate and separate promising radioisotopes such as 225Ac, 213Bi, 188Re, 161Tb and 177Lu.



Radiobiology or in a NURA context: ‘Improving knowledge about the interaction between radioisotopes, cancers and the body'. Through research, we want to gain a deeper insight into pharmacokinetics (what does the body do with a medicine?), pharmacodynamics (what does a medicine do with the body?) and the causes of specific results.

We also study the biological mechanisms underlying therapeutic and cytotoxic effects of radiopharmaceuticals. In this way, we optimise the effectiveness of radiotherapy and minimise its side-effects.

SCK CEN - Ringdosimeter (2019)


Where we focus on expanding the knowledge to predict the impact of radiation at cellular level. Important research, because currently only organ measurements are possible. Imagine that you can measure even more specifically, for example at cell level, then you will find a wealth of information through which therapies can be optimised. For this purpose, we are building a distribution model that allows us to ultimately calculate the deposited energy – i.e. the absorbed dose – at DNA level (nm).

Are you interested in our research? Would you like more information or would you like to collaborate on a specific research theme? Contact us and we will examine the possibilities together.

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