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"Strict measures and dedicated employees secure the worldwide supply of medical radio-isotopes"

06 April '20

"COVID-19 makes the whole country gasp for breath. We try to overcome unprecedented obstacles on a medical, economical and personal level. This is also tangible at SCK CEN, although we keep our head straight. Thanks to numerous measures, we are still working at full capacity: our services remain fully functional to benefit society."

Eric van Walle, directeur-generaal SCK CEN (2019)

Crucial activities with a reason

"Rightly so! Not only because the federal government emphasizes in its Ministerial Decree that the production of radioisotopes and the services within the radioactive and nuclear sector are of great importance, but also because we owe it to global society: as one of the world leaders, we do not abandon nuclear medicine. Certainly not when it comes to urgent medical examinations that cannot reasonably be postponed since lives are on the line."

Action plan: solid and proactive

"Staying functional requires a strict policy in the workplace. The stringent hygiene rules and social distancing principles are our best allies against a pandemic these days. The ALARA principle is more than ever our best friend. That, together with the flexibility of our collaborators. They have the right expertise, skills and spirit to secure the much-needed production of medical radioisotopes even in times of crisis."

"For several weeks now, our colleagues have been sewing our own supply of masks so that the new load of available masks can go first and foremost to the healthcare sector. Earlier this week, our qPCR device was sent to the Belgian Task Force in order to help – together with other actors in the sector – increase the number of coronavirus tests in Belgium from 2,000 to 10,000 per day."

Keep it safe

"As director-general of this research center I am proud of the spirit of solidarity of society, and I have great hope in how we handle this crisis together. Keep up the good work! But above all: stay safe!"

- Eric van Walle, SCK CEN Director-General

PCR machine - coronavirus test - SCK CEN x Taskforce (2020)

Our measures against COVID-19

The measures implemented at SCK CEN and how these can affect you as a customer or supplier can be read on our website. You will discover how our research center jointly plays its part in containing the spread of COVID-19.
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