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  • 20240214_SCK-CEN-x-CRM-Group---SMELD
    13 February '24

    Nuclear melting furnace also receives green light from Europe

    SCK CEN and CRM Group boost the circular economy in dismantling by constructing a nuclear furnace 

    The European Commission has given the final go-ahead for the development of the Belgian melting furnace for research purposes. The furnace will encourage the creation of a circular economy in nuclear dismantling, by enabling larger quantities of metal to be given a second life than can possibly be achieved using the melting technologies currently available. As the nuclear research centre SCK CEN and the Centre for Metallurgical Research (CRM Group) jointly stated, “This decision by the European Union reconfirms the social importance of our plan.” 

  • 2023_ANUBIS-Magics-landscape
    07 December '23

    New partnership with MAGICS aims to revolutionize cementitious waste monitoring and contamination mapping techniques

    Fourth collaboration in ANUBIS project focuses
    on global, industrial applicability of waste management

    A joint effort between SCK CEN and MAGICS is under way to develop advanced technologies that promise groundbreaking improvements in the monitoring and prediction of damage caused by ASR-DEF reactions in cementitious radioactive waste forms. At the same time, the collaboration seeks to bring about an improvement in contamination mapping methodology, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the radiological characterisation process. This ambitious project, which forms part of the ANUBIS project, is expected to drive significant advancements in the field of more sustainable and safe radioactive waste management.

  • 20231004_SCKCEN_LINAC@LNK-header
    05 October '23

    New project ‘LINAC@LNK’ focuses on better calibrations for radiotherapy and characterisation of radioactive waste

    Hitting two targets with one shot – no other idiom sums up the LINAC@LNK project so nicely. SCK CEN is purchasing a medical linear accelerator to investigate two big questions: can we make radiotherapy even more efficient? And – more surprisingly – can we also better characterize radioactive waste drums with this medical device? Big questions to which we will find answers together with ONDRAF/NIRAS – and a Belspo funding of 1 million euros.