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  • 2023_SCKCEN_CYCLADE-logo
    09 March '23

    Five Belgian companies create CYCLADE: a centre of expertise for the decommissioning of accelerators and cyclotrons

    While the first facilities date back more than 30 years, it is estimated that approximately 200 medical cyclotron facilities worldwide are awaiting dismantling by 2040. This is equivalent to processing 18,000 tons of steel and other metals in the most sustainable way possible. Five Belgian companies (IBA, Interboring, IRE, SCK CEN and Transrad) - specialists in dismantling and nuclear medicine - are joining forces for this purpose. Under the name "CYCLADE" (CYCLotrons Advanced DEcommissioning), this grouping offers operators a circular solution for increasing the amount of waste recycled.

  • 2023_ANUBIS_logo-partners_HeaderImage
    02 March '23

    Advanced measurement techniques as the key to minimize and safely dispose radioactive decommissioning waste

    The ANUBIS project already counts on 3 partners for innovative decommissioning solutions

    Do we want to reuse and recycle the bulk of materials from the decommissioning of Belgian nuclear power plants as much as possible and dispose of the remaining radioactive waste safely? Then we need to improve our knowledge and technologies. Let that be precisely the goal of the SCK CEN ANUBIS project. With the support of the European Union, SCK CEN is joining forces with various industrial players. Three separate collaborations are currently underway.

  • 20230213_RECUMO 1 (2023)
    13 February '23

    Ground-breaking ceremony for RECUMO

    The RECUMO facility will transform radioactive residues into reusable raw materials.

    From 2026 onwards, the nuclear research centre SCK CEN will transform radioactive residues into low-enriched uranium and will purify them in its brand new RECUMO facility. These residues resulting from the production of medical radioisotopes on the site of the Institut National des Radioéléments (IRE). Today, the first sod was turned for the RECUMO building. With it, IRE and SCK CEN are literally creating a European first on Belgian soil.