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Read SCK CEN’s brand new annual report “Highlights 2022”

06 July '23

SCK CEN proudly presents its brand new annual report “Highlights 2022”! This edition is all about '2040': how SCK CEN is paving the way to a sustainable future and how the path towards it requires pioneering work. Enjoy your read!

SCK CEN - Highlights 2022 (2023)

July 2023. Summer beckons. In Belgium, holidays are just around the corner. We pack our suitcases to climb the roof of the world (Tibet), explore the Jordanian rock city of Petra or admire the standing stones of Stonehenge. We rarely dwell on it, but someone, once upon a time, had to take the initiative to build those structures. Someone paved the way.

SCK CEN - Highlights 2022 (2023)

Society also needs a pioneer: someone who knows how to map out the way to sustainable solutions to challenges. In 2022, we - the nuclear research centre SCK CEN - used the words 'pioneering spirit' and 'trailblazer' more than once. And not just for the sake of it. We have showed how we fulfilled that role in the past and how we continue to fulfil it today.

Last year, with our revamped strategic plan, we made the promise to be the ‘pioneer of 2040’. We take up the challenge in the fight against climate change and cancer, and we promise to be an experienced guide in sustainable dismantling.

Digital version only!

Those who are leading the way to a sustainable 2040 would like their annual report to only travel around the world digitally. From this year, we are switching completely to a digital version!

Read the annual report for 2022.

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