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Construction of MINERVA in the starting blocks

29 September '22

A public consultation for the construction of MINERVA takes place from 29 September to 28 October. MINERVA is the starting point of MYRRHA’s particle accelerator. With the MYRRHA project, the nuclear research centre SCK CEN aims to tackle a range of societal challenges. Everyone can read the file - including the ambition and technical plans - at Mol town hall.


A world first in response to big questions

MYRRHA is the world's first research reactor driven by a particle accelerator. With this world first, SCK CEN is working on a high-tech solution to tackle a whole series of urgent social issues. How can we optimally manage radioactive waste? How can we fight cancer more effectively? How do we ensure the safety of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion reactors? How can MYRRHA's lead-bismuth technology be used for research into Small Modular Reactors (SMR)?

"We look forward to making scientific and societal progress with this multi-purpose facility. Obtaining an establishment and operating licence is the next step in the realisation of our project."
Hamid Aït Abderrahim, director of the MYRRHA project

The 1st construction phase

More specifically, construction is divided in several phases. MINERVA is the first construction phase and also the starting point of MYRRHA.

The nuclear research centre has now submitted a licence application for this phase - with a draft safety report - to the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC). Both documents describe the future facility in detail: from technical specifications and radiation protection to decommissioning and dismantling. A public consultation takes place from 29 September to 28 October 2022. During the public consultation, any interested party can read the plans at Mol town hall (Molenhoekstraat 2, 2400 Mol).

Class IIa facility

With MYRRHA, the nuclear research centre SCK CEN is aiming for very tangible goals. To achieve these goals, the particle accelerator has to meet specific technical requirements. On the basis of these requirements, MINERVA has been deemed a class IIa facility.

Environmental licence

Early next year, the nuclear research centre will submit an environmental licence to the Province of Antwerp for the first construction phase of MINERVA.

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