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Highlights 2022 - Dismantling and waste

SCK CEN is a pioneer in research into the disposal of nuclear waste in deep clay layers. 40 years of HADES research demonstrates that the path towards underground disposal is safe and feasible. At the same time, Belgium is revealing itself as an innovative front-runner in dismantling nuclear facilities on the world stage.

SCK CEN - Highlights 2022 (2023)

'Our research charts the route to a real deep geological repository'

HADES: 40 years of research into geological disposal

In 2022, SCK CEN and ONDRAF/NIRAS celebrated four decades of research at HADES, where geological disposal in poorly indurated clay in Belgium has been investigated. This research establishes a robust scientific basis for the geological disposal of highly radioactive and long-lived waste. Together with all those involved, ranging from scientists to policymakers, SCK CEN and ONDRAF/NIRAS decided to highlight the results of their research in the jubilee year. "Thanks to the knowledge acquired, Belgium is ready to take the next steps towards establishing a real deep geological repository.”

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SCK CEN - Highlights 2022 (2023)

'Pioneering work with demolition plan and international expertise'

BR3: final milestone in the dismantlement of the first pressurised water reactor

In 2022, SCK CEN chopped up a large part of the biological shield of Belgian Reactor 3 (BR3). “Thanks to our practical experience, a market-ready guideline and mathematical models, we’ve once again proved ourselves to be a global pioneer,” says Business Developer Guido Mulier. In addition, SCK CEN is actively advancing innovation in decommissioning research through the ANUBIS project.

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The tools of a 'pioneer'

To mark out the path of the future and pave the way to 2040, we need the right tools. This is why we make targeted investments in:

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