Escape room SCK•CEN major success at Sound of Science


On 24 and 25 May, the second edition of Sound of Science took place. SCK•CEN joined the event this year with a genuine escape room. About 100 visitors tried to escape from the laboratory of Professor X. This lab had been set up in Fort 4, this year’s venue for the festival. No less than 3500 adults and children came to Mortsel for Flanders’ only science festival.

It is pleasantly crowded on the festival grounds. Under a somewhat cautious sunshine, young and old are having a great time with numerous scientific experiments, games and workshops. It’s nothing, though, compared to the (healthy) tension that we can feel at stand 34. This is hardly surprising as the mysterious tunnels of Fort 4 leave not much to the imagination. Here, the escape room of SCK•CEN has been set up in the form of a lab. “The lab of Professor X", says Bjorn Baselet, scientific employee at SCK•CEN with a smile. “Many brave scientists tried to escape the lab within 20 minutes. By reading fluorescent bacteria, analysing petri dishes under a microscope and translating a genetic code in amino acids, amongst other things, participants could get to the antidote and the key of the lab.”


The escape room turned out to be a real hit. In less than one hour, the escape room was fully booked for the entire day. "We had to disappoint many enthusiastic visitors", says Niels Belmans, PhD student at SCK•CEN. “Fortunately, we could tell them a bit more about the work that we do and offer them a delicious, homemade spirulina waffle or homemade spirulina cheese.” Interested visitors could also follow the escape room from a distance and, in this way, feel a bit of the atmosphere. “This was one of the coolest things I've ever done”, says a 10 year old future scientist with a radiant smile.

A real feast for young and old

It was the second edition in a row of Sound of Science this year. The motto of the festival: science is fun, accompanied by a bit of music, circus tents full of atmosphere and delicious snacks. Children and adults could launch a water rocket, generate electricity themselves or make their own DNA visible. In short, the festival is not so much about scientific theories, the focus is on enjoying interesting, fun experiences.

Here, you can watch some atmospheric pictures.