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InLight body dosimeter

SCK CEN - Dosimeter Inlight (2019)

From your chest to the post: the route of accurate dosimetry results

Inlight: accredited dosimeter for reliable accuracy

Employees, students, trainees, independent physicians... every occupationally exposed employee must wear a dosimeter at chest height. With the accredited Inlight dosimeter, SCK CEN ensures an accurate measurement of the effective dose for the whole body. The meter is able to monitor up to maximum 3 months. Then, you can send it to SCK CEN for an accurate reading.

Benefits of the Inlight dosimeter of SCK CEN:

  • Measuring range from 50 µSv up to maximum 10 Sv
  • Emergency measurements are possible after having received the dosimeters
  • User-friendly online portal for management and reporting
  • Support from a team of experts in the interpretation of measurement results, based on SCK CEN’s 50 years of experience

Reporting & results

A few weeks after having returned your dosimeters, you will receive the reading results through a digital platform. Through this same portal, you as a customer can easily manage your dosimeter subscriptions. In this secured environment, you can with a personal login:

  • Apply for new dosimeters
  • Terminate dosimeter subscriptions as from a certain date
  • Report lost dosimeters
  • Consult dose results
  • Connecting spare dosimeters to persons
  • Retrieve overviews for your team, a particular group of employees or the whole company
  • Prepare dose reports for FANC

Technical specifications

Minimally detectable dose

50 µSv

Measuring range

50 µSv up to 10 Sv

X-rays and gamma energy range

12 keV up to 6 MeV

Beta energy range

700 keV up to 2.3 MeV (expressed in Emax)

Small and lightweight

7.5 cm high, 1 cm thick, 18 g

The Inlight dosimeter is sensitive to both beta and X- and gamma rays. As a result, it measures both the depth dose Hp(10) and the surface dose Hp(0.07). The dosemeter contains aluminium oxide detectors doped with carbon (Al2O3:C) as active elements. The measurement method is based on optically stimulated luminescence (OSL). This means that part of the impinging ionising radiation energy will be stored by electrons in metastable energy positions in the detector. This stored energy can be released by illuminating the material with light of a specific wavelength. The energy is then released as visible light that can be measured. The amount of emitted light is directly proportional to the accumulated radiation dose.

Download the Inlight brochure for more information.


Accreditation for personal and ambient dosimetry

SCK CEN has developed a quality assurance or QA programme according to ISO/IEC 17025 and has been accredited by BELAC (015-TEST), the Belgian accreditation body. Since 2010, SCK CEN is also the first legally accredited dosimetry service provider in Belgium – accreditation awarded by the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC).

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