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SCK CEN's green vision

Climate-robust and biodiverse

At SCK CEN, we are investing in a climate-robust and biodiverse environment. We are taking measures to adapt to changing climate conditions while contributing to a healthy and resilient environment. Through careful site planning and management, we strive to create a sustainable, future-oriented and enjoyable working and living environment. 


200 acres of forest and valley area

We manage not only the land around our buildings, but also some 200 acres of forests and valley area, home to an abundance of fauna and flora. Here you will meet, among others, the majestic black woodpecker, Europe's largest woodpecker species.

Our aim?

Our aim? To transform monotonous Scots pine forests into climate-resilient native mixed deciduous forests, such as oak/birch forests. 

How do we do that? 

By targeted forest thinning, planting native species and controlling invasive exotic species. We put extra emphasis on the forest edges, hay meadows and fens because they enhance the structure and biodiversity of the area.

The unique environment surrounding our site is invaluable. We use it as inspiration to make this natural splendour bloom around our buildings as well.

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