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SRP lesson plans

Nuclear fission, half-life & radiological protection

In collaboration with the British Society for Radiological Protection, several lesson plans were translated into Dutch and French. These interactive teaching activities are aimed at STEM directions for the third year of secondary education and deal with nuclear fission, half-life and the basic principles of radiological protection. 

Try them with your class and don't hesitate to send your findings on to us!

  • SRP_kernsplijting.png

    Demonstration of nuclear fission

    The fission reaction in a nuclear reactor is demonstrated through the simple use of dominoes, including the use of control rods and enrichment of fuel. Approximately 1 hour can be allotted for this activity.



  • SRP_halveringstijd.png

    Demonstration of half-life

    Using a cup of sweets to illustrate radioactive decay, students can plot an exponential curve. Examples and applications of various radioactive isotopes can be discussed here. Half an hour may suffice for this activity.


  • SRP_ballen.png

    Basic principles of radiological protection

    Through two different experiments, people can experience the basic principles of protection from external radiation (time, distance, shielding) and interaction mechanisms of particles with atoms. These activities may take up 45 minutes altogether.

    Download test 1 (balls)

    Download test 2 (arrows)

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