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Highschool pupils & teachers

Once you’ve crossed the entrance gate of our site, you will find a lot to be discovered: pioneering research, innovative technologies and unique facilities. We do not want to keep all these beautiful things hidden and love to immerse students into the fascinating world of nuclear science and technology.


Lesson materials 'Life after Fukushima'

Belgian youngsters know too little about radioactivity and nuclear risks. This is what Joke Kenens (KU Leuven/SCK CEN) noticed when she stood in front of the classroom in 2018. Today, she is launching the ‘Life after Fukushima’ lesson materials tailored to young people in the 12th and 13th years. The big deal? The accompanying computer game in which you can measure radioactivity yourself.

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Tabloo: discover the power of the atom

Did you know that the nuclear industry is about far more than nuclear energy? That radioactivity is also crucial in the battle against cancer or in technological inventions such as solar panels? Soon, you will learn all about ionising radiation at Tabloo: a brand new experience centre full of information and educational possibilities in Dessel! You will be there, won't you?

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2019_SCK CEN - Leerlingen en leerkrachten - Nuclear Game Challenge

Customised lectures and visits

The SCK CEN Academy contributes to many outreach activities, STEM projects and science contests. Do you want to involve researchers from SCK CEN in your next project? Please contact us.

Furthermore, we gladly share educational material about the various research domains in which SCK CEN is active. For general information about radioactivity and nuclear energy, please consult the BNS publication 'Better understanding of nuclear energy' (in NL or FR), the NIRAS-ONDRAF webpage on nuclear waste (in NL or FR) or the UNEP publication 'Radiation: effects and sources'.

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Throwback to previous projects

Curious about which projects we’ve contributed to in the past? A selection from our diary with for example Dag van de WetenschapSound Of Science, Nuclear Game Challenge, Nuclear role play game, SpaceTeam and the Flemish Physics Olympiad!

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