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Our brand new annual report is here!

12 October '20

The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre presents you the highlights of 2019. In this annual report we have compiled a number of striking examples of new developments in the areas in which SCK CEN operates.

SCKCEN - Highlights (2020)

2019 was defined by the call for a better future. We attended climate marches, helped refugees and made charitable donations. We, as citizens, have proven to be very generous to each other. How does SCK CEN fit into this scenario?

Discover the answer to this question in our brand new annual report “Highlights 2019”! We look back at the efforts we made for society last year and the opportunities this work creates in the short, medium or long term. Glance through the annual report, travel through time and be amazed by the thousands of dimension of tomorrow. Enjoy the reading!

On to the digital version!

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