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Algerian-Belgian cooperation: ICERR cooperation agreement between SCK CEN and COMENA

10 March '20

VIP visitors in Mol. A high-level delegation led by Mr. Abdelhamid MELLAH, High Commissioner of the Algerian Commission for Nuclear Energy (COMENA) – a long-term SCK CEN partner – paid a working visit to our research centre from 3 to 6 March. The topic of discussion? The road ahead for our cooperation that already spans numerous years and the signing of an ICERR agreement.


Historic cooperation extended into the future

On 5 March 2020, Mr Abdelhamid MELLAH, COMENA High Commissioner, and Mr Eric van Walle, SCK CEN Director-General, signed an ICERR[1] partnership agreement. This agreement establishes an educational framework and a training program for COMENA researchers. In addition, it caters for joint R&D projects applied to multiple energy and nuclear technologies.

The agreement confirms the historic cooperation between COMENA and SCK CEN. Mr Mellah testifies: “Our collaboration with SCK CEN was established in the mid-eighties. We renewed our bilateral partnership in 2015. This ICERR cooperation agreement signing enables us to continue with this productive relationship.”

[1] ICERR- (International Centre based on Research Reactors) under the auspices of the IAEA


Develop new nuclear technologies

COMENA’s mission is to develop nuclear technologies and to promote their utilisation in the fields of energy, health, industry, agriculture and the environment. The Algerian public body has been cooperating with SCK CEN for many years, especially in dosimetry, radiation protection, radon measurements and the testing of materials and their behaviour under radiation.

SCK CEN has the technological means, proven expertise and human skills to empower COMENA’s mission. As a reliable partner, SCK CEN will transfer the knowledge COMENA requires regarding reactor technology, the introduction of new nuclear technologies beyond energy or improving existing infrastructures and thereby enhancing their performance. 

SCK CEN’s capacity in this field was recognised by the International Atomic Energy Agency in 2017, when it presented the ICERR label to the Belgian institution, among others for its four research reactors: BR1, BR2, VENUS and the MYRRHA Project. SCK CEN is therefore enthusiastic to extend its partnership with COMENA.

COMENA delegates exchanged ideas with their Belgian counterparts on strengthening the collaboration between the two institutions. During this visit, the Algerian delegation was able to visit several SCK CEN facilities and laboratories.

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