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Key figures

SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)

Keeping a grip on the finances to ensure the future

The first step to keeping your finances in balance is to analyse all your income and expenses. Last year, we repeated this first step several times: we literally and figuratively went through our budgets with a fine-tooth comb. They do not include any luxuries, but they do allow the core tasks to be performed to a high standard. If we continue to follow our self-imposed financial goals and constraints, we can swing the pendulum in the positive direction. In this way, we can ensure our future.

Peter Baeten
Deputy Director General

Budget execution

  • SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)
  • SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)

Budget evolution

  • SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)
  • SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)

SCK CEN is active in 65 countries. Its research activities go from the USA to Australia. (indicated in purple)

SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)


Online learning takes off

Half of SCK CEN Academy's training courses have been delivered online

Across the world, the coronavirus has glued airplanes to the tarmac, kept office workers chained to a home office, and sent event and training calendars into disarray. It was no longer possible to continue with conventional training. What the virus failed to do, however, was quell the hunger for learning. In 2020, online learning took off like never before. Distance learning initiatives shot up like mushrooms in no time at all. The SCK CEN Academy also shifted up a gear (online) to keep participants' nuclear knowledge up-to-date or to expand on it. "We were in the process of rolling out an online learning service, but the coronavirus crisis has accelerated the process," notes Michèle Coeck, director of the SCK CEN Academy. In a short space of time, the SCK CEN Academy has delivered twenty training sessions in an online format that were previously scheduled as face-to-face, which were immediately met with great approval.

There was much to consider. "Teaching online not only requires the use of different tools, but also different didactics. In online training, participants lose concentration more quickly and creating interaction is a formidable challenge. Presenters need to anticipate all of that. What this means in practice is abandoning usual routines and learning new methods. The past year was an excellent practical learning experience, but the subject has meanwhile found an important place on the agenda in the education field. We, together with colleagues and stakeholders, are paying extensive attention to it, including during the ETRAP conference (International Conference on Education and Training in Radiation Protection) in March 2021," explains Michèle.

Close online supervision

The SCK CEN Academy moved heaven and earth to enable students to follow the necessary training courses. "Under no circumstances did we want to leave our students out in the cold. The same is true for all Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral students who write their thesis or do an internship here. They were able to count on the same close supervision, but online," concludes Michèle.

  • SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)

    65 completed theses

    • 2 secundary education
    • 16 Bachelor
    • 32 Master (+ BNEN
    • 15 PhD
  • SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)

    84 PhD students

    • 29% from Belgium

    • 71% from abroad

  • SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)

    24 new PhD students

    They were selected in 2020.

  • SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)

    35 internships

    in Belgium and abroad

  • SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)

    37 training courses

    • with 930 participants
    • 49% online
  • SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights - Kerncijfers (2021)

    503 scientific publications & presentations

    • 332 publications
    • 171 presentations

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